The Little Missus
I was born in Miami, but did much of my growing up in Phoenix.
I received my degree in Journalism and Mass Communication (with emphasis in Public Relations and Strategic Media) and a minor in Sociology -emphasizing Marriage and Family Relationships from Arizona State University in 2006.
I treasure my free time, preferring to spend it outdoors lounging on my patio 
I may be slightly neurotic
I do not like bowling, but I love bowling alleys - I'm there for the drinks
There is always room for Mexican food
I unwind by reading great/good/awful books
My favorite movies are from the 30s and 40s
I talk to my parents every single day, sometimes even more than that
I have trouble discerning the differences between "Hill", "-Ville", "Heel", "Neil" and "Pill" in Southern
Moved to Greenville, South Carolina when I was eight weeks pregnant.
This bun is bursting out of this oven on January 15, 2011.
The Happy Husband
Shawn grew up in Crystal Lake, IL and was born in Wisconsin.
He is a die-hard fan of the Chicago Cubs and the Chicago Bears.
He loves playing soccer and plays striker and forward on his rec team
He received his degree from ASU in Structural Engineering in 2006.
He received his PE Stamp in September 2011 and is responsible for designing many of the building that I stand in - our lives are in his hands.
He responds to about 150 nicknames I have given him
He has suffered through "too many" episodes of the Real Housewives shows on Bravo
He prefers to eat his fine dining at home rather than eating out at a restaurant
He wins every race between us and every game of Monopoly we've played though I triumph in Trivial Pursuit
He doesn't think I can tell when he's stopped listening to me; he's not as sneaky as he thinks ;)
He was living in Greenville while I was still in Phoenix when I texted him a photo of the positive tests and a "Hi Daddy" message. 
His smile has the power to heal the world.
My Little Remy: 
Remy is a rescue pup, who brought us a whole new level of love in February 2010. I work for a television station in Phoenix and caught a taping of Pets on Parade (a show for the Humane Society of Arizona to promote and parade adoptable pets). Four adorable Jack Russell Terrier puppies were on the air that day. Having wanted a dog for so and and quoting then-fiance saying, "If you get a dog a dog, I won't make you take it back" in my head... I asked if I could adopt one of the little guys right here in the Big Studio! The short answer was no, I had to drive to South Mountain (a half hour away) to make a puppy mine! I called  to be My Groom-To-Be and told him, "I am getting a dog!" Two hours later, after I got off work, I was on the road to puppy-love.

As I drove I called the Humane Society. The puppies had already been adopted. I pulled over and looked up adoptable dogs on their website www.azhumanesociety.org. I was not wasting a trip. The cutest little face I had ever seen popped on screen. I forwarded the photo to hubby and not waiting for a response, I broke a few speed limits trying to get him. It was love at first sight (through the chain link fence). He has been my baby dog ever since.

Henry James
Henry is the little prince all snuggly and warm in my burgeoning womb.
He may be a fetus at this stage of his life, but I know for sure:
Henry James can read his mommy's mind
He has big feet like his daddy
He is headstrong like both of his parents
Will eventually realized he cannot roundhouse kick his way, but have to go into the world the old fashioned way
Is brilliant
Perhaps is the most beloved and blessed baby in the world
Everyday we get more excited for his birthday