Friday, January 6, 2012

Warning: I may be Abusive And/Or Offensive

Seriously, Facebook?! I would post links to my blog every now and then, per the request of a few friends and family members (why they don't just follow me, I don't know). As I prepared to post a link yesterday, I was quite a bit surprised at a pop up that read my blog has been flagged as "Abusive and/or Offensive."

Cue jaw drop. I try not to swear on my blog, though I may be thinking of some choice words in my head. I don't post raunchy photos, though I am sure there is nothing more titilating to see than a preggo gigante. I don't mention companies that did me wrong, aside from the post office.

The post office! Are they behind the facebook battle lines? I have exposed their injurious ways to plaid wrapped presents of Christmas Eves, must I now face the consequences of my calling them out?

Doubtful. In all likelihood, someone reported me as such because they didn't like seeing my posts on their newsfeed. I guess reporting my big bad blog was easier than unsubscribing or defriending me. Hhhmmph. Yesterday my feelings were hurt (I'm sensitive these days), but today I can just roll my eyes and be annoyed (I am also a tad moodswingy).

I leave you with the everlasting words of Gloria Gaynor.

"I Will Survive"

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Isn't that Something

I may have nearly caused a four car pile-up taking this photo

These little guys give me a smile every morning. These are the Fork Shoals Goats. When we first moved into or little rental, one glimpse of this scene made me think, "WHERE did you move me to, Shawn?!?" I thought forsure we would have neighbors who had a chicken coup and a cow complete with bell.

I have since grown to adore this motley crew of goats and donkeys.

I smile whenever I see them climb the tops of the haystacks and roam the area between two blueberry-sized one minute away from my home. Oh you goats and your climbing ways! How do you do what you do with such cloven hooves?

Anyone have interesting neighbors with interesting pets? The oddest I had seen was someone walking a pet pig once when I lived in Chandler, AZ.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2012 Goals to Attack

I'm gonna get cha'!

I already know that 2012 is going to be a year for the books! 2011 most definitely was (between Shawn being laid of to me beginning a new job, to him finding a new one and moving to South Carolina while I stayed in AZ for three months,to me leaving new job moving across country, the anxiety of renting out our beloved house, to me finally getting a new job, and creating a life during it all... I am exhausted and happily put that wacky roller coaster to bed).

This will be the year I actually try to make some goals:
Behold my goals:

  1. Put down the soda cans, woman! There is no need for one person to drink so much Ginger Ale and Diet Coke. 3pm everyday is NOT a special occasion
  2. Stop paying Wells Fargo so much dang interest! They already have enough money, so pay off that $5,000 credit card.
  3. Comb your hair and put your face on! Just because you have a baby (soon, I hope!), doesn't mean you should look like a mess. Other people have to look at you and you don't want to scare your kid. 
  4. Get out of the house! Have at least one baby-free date night with Hubs. Remind him that he is your Husband first before being Henry's daddy.
  5. Give yourself some credit! Learn to take a compliment. (This drives Hubster bananas and always "requests" you just say thank you. May actually be his life's mission at some points.)
There we are. Obviously, I have other goals, like losing the baby weight (I freely admit that it is actually pizza and pasta weight and that my baby will probably account for a very teensy amount that I chubbed on my hips) before my 10 Year High School Reunion this Fall. Learning how to parent and taking care of myself are overarching themes for 2012 and  am not going to pressure myself to look like one of my model-y classmates (there are several on Facebook).

What are some of your goals and themes of 2012?

Monday, January 2, 2012

Whatever happened to snakes and sparklers?

Remy tried to steal my New Years kiss by jumping on Shawn's face at 11:58am, but I prevailed!
This New Year's was a particularly low key affair, being 38 weeks pregnant will do that to you. Usually we do it up, dance-party-champagne-guzzling-scream-singing-style (one year we even got engaged). December 31, 2011 was spent eating copious Costco crab dip, watching The Walking Dead Marathon, and late dining at The OG with several families and retirees that wouldn't stop staring at my belly a half inch (no, but I wish I was kidding) from the table edge.
 We capped off the evening with a bottle of Martinelli's finest sparkling apple cider and Korbel for the Hubs. After chasing the dog in circles in the living room, we could hear fireworks in the neighborhood. As soon as I heard them, I looked over at Hubs. The gleam in his his, the 12-year-old mischief maker smile stretched across his face. "No," I told him. He ducked out the front door and came back in after another loud crashing boom in the not-so-far-off-distance. "No," I repeated. He was already in the garage rifling through a box of explosives before I could hear him say "Just one."

We were hoping for a New Year's baby and the hot baths and spicy foods didn't do the job, so maybe scaring Henry out of my uterus would work? I asked him if this was the reason for letting off two mortars, six bottle rockets, and some other loud fizzy things.

I tried to take a video with my iPhone of one of the bottle rockets, and upon listening to playback, I realize that I will never be asked to video anything and I sound a lot like Butthead. "Heh Heh, Happy New Year." Here's to o longer having a stuffy nose in 2012! Woo hoo! Heh, heh...