Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Feeeelings... So many feeeeelings!

I have intentionally avoided my blog lately. I have some beans to spill but want to keep said beans to myself a little while longer. Oh what a bean it is!

See Beans are firmly sealed in jar... no spillage.

I am an emotional whackadoo lately. The changes in my life are crazy right now (man, do I want to write it, but dang! I can't!). Today is my last day at the Science Center. It has been a really wild ride. Mostly phenomenal experience and fantastic coworkers. I really wouldn't trade this experience for much (aside for maybe moving right away so I wasn't do the long-distance-marriage thing). I laughed, I sold, I cried, and I finagled extra seating into too small of spaces. I've done it all!

Tonight I am buying all sorts of beverages for my trip south of the border. I am in charge of the non-boozy beverages. The other girls all have a handle on that already. All I want is Orange Juice and some sort of lemonade... yummmmm... and a way to keep it as icey-cold as possible. I plan on trying not to get sunburned, and then being really sad when I do, and then layering on all of the lotion I brought with me. I am super white and freckly folks. I can get burnt from a walk acroos a parking lot.

Tomorrow I am packing (that means I am buying boxes with my OJ at Wal-Mart tonight) as much as I can possibly pack. Then I have a last lunch with my future-former boss, Mo (we were the best team of Mo's around I tell you), followed by a quick jaunt to el aeropuerto to pick up Gina.

Friday... we drive! To Puerto Penasco in a giant mommy van. Husband arrives in Chandler right after I leave for Mexico. He will watch my baby dog while he hangs out with all his friends. I have a feeling it will be more bachelor-party than I'd like, but what the heck? Im not there to clean up after it.

Maybe after this fun-and-sun-filled beach weekend, I will let the cat out of the bag. (Cats don't like bags any way. Have you ever tried to put one inside of one? Don't try it. They scratch.)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Liberty Market Love!

I had a lovely morning at Liberty Market with long time friend, Ashley. We go back to middle school, y'all. It was so nice to see her before the Big Move, we get along so well. We pretty much just laughed our way through the entirety of brunch. Holy begeeziness, batman! Liberty Market in Gilbert, AZ is delish! I inhaled the gigantic tortilla of my dreams, sold as "Breakfast Quesadilla." Eggs potatoes green peppers onions salsa cheese and chorizo, yes please!

To was that bad boy down, I gulped a Cafe Au Lait. We covered the continents today my friends. If you are ever in th homey lil Downtown Old Town Gilbert. Do not pass this culinary gem up!


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Keepin' On Movin' On

I secured my 1st Interview today!!! Yea for me!
And we're signing a lease on a house!! Yea for no homelessness for us!

Imma be a Greenvillian soon!
(I really should figure out what they call them selves...
Green-vill-in sounds like a bad guy in a bad comic book)

I sooo want this pillow that Lynzie of Deep South Sip put on her blog!
Customizable South Carolina State Pillow

Friday, May 13, 2011

In just over two weeks...

My Life will be flipped upside down and rolled down a Blue Ridge Mountain!

In just over two weeks:
I will have my last day of work (at my new job, hmpfh)
I will finally see and hug and hold my husband
I will have traveled to a foreign country and back again
My house will be packed up and trekked across the You Ess Ayyy
I will be in a two-seater car with a 27 lb dog and a three ounce turtle
I will have to get a new driver's license
I will begin to say "y'all" and mean it
I will get so lost my GPS won't be able to save me (*cough*it has happened before)
I will try to make new friends
I will try to be employed
I will plan for my family to come see me (geez, I miss them!)
I will love my new home
I will finally be home :)

As for right now:
I will still try to make sales, even though I may not be invested (paid)
I will coordinate my last 2011 prom, two dinners, two breakfasts, one PR event
I will search through the interwebs for a new J.O.B
I will continue this very effective diet (booyah!)
I will spend as much time with my Arizona friends as possible
I will purge my closets, and dressers, and chests, and secret drawers of all the suff I haven't worn, looked at, or loved in too long
I will call Hubby everyday and bug him as much as I can
I will make my bed just in case the realtor comes by
I will eat all the veggies my garden has grown
I will continue to smile my dang face off

New Flag of New Home

Derby Day Bridal Shower

Saturday was one action packed day for me! I started the day off making Benedictine Finger Sandwhiches with my temporary roomie, Kenda, icing Mint Julep Cupcakes, followed by attending Natalie's Kentucky Derby Bridal Shower and then going to work for Prom.

The shower was fantastic. Jamie (the most recently married) did an AMAZING! job. So proud of the domesticity and party planning she pulled off. The balloons, the cups, the little black and gold pony confetti, the red roses all beautifully decked out her gorgeous home in "Run for the Roses" glory. Bravo! I made delicious Mint Julep cupcakes (recipe found here - I suggest decreasing the liquid by a lot as mine came out very dense) but I forgot my camera so I could document all the fun. Trust me when I say the Bride was glowing, most of us girls couldn't see from under our giant hats, the gifts were flowing, the julep punch was delish, and the MOB won the derby (beating out the bride by a horse hair - I crack myself up).

I was able to get a photo of a cupcake that Kenda dragged home for me (which I immediately gifted my coworkers Monday morning).
Bad Foodtographer, Tasty Cupcake

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Our First Anniversary

Happy Anniversary, to my sweet Husband, Shawn. Sometimes it feels like we have been married forever, and other times, like today, it only feels like yesterday that we stood at the alter. I love you a thousand times more each day. You make the world a better and brighter place to be.

I love you! 
Happy 1st Anniversary!

I can't wait to join you in South Carolina so we can actually celebrate together!