Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The back alley by the dumpster is haunted

At least according to our Greenville Ghost Tour guide, it is. Shawn surprised us (his Mom and his Aunt) with a ghost tour this Friday evening. We started off at the Army/Navy store in The West End and walked all the way through Main Street past The Westin Poinsett to Springwood Cemetery. We circled back a bit to a couple buildings that had unfortunate mishaps occur there. Nothing spooky, nothing chilling. I was, in fact, hoping to step into a "cold spot" so I could have a little relief from the stifling heat. A cold spot is allegedly a pocket of air that has spirit activity as spirits can draw from the energyof the air, thus cooling it down, or some jazz like that. It was fun trekking through downtown listening to the guide discuss the current hauntings that permeate Greenville's most popular spots. I can't wait to do a more historically-oriented tour in Charleston one day.
The haunted back alley and this lil mama's backside since Cubs shirt rode up

Downtown Greenville at Night - no ghosts to be seen
No orbs, no spirits, no spooky anything, just pretty ol' GVL

Springwood Cemetery

Is that an "orb" or reflection from a streetlight
If I were a ghost, I could think of hundreds of better haunts than a boring cemetery

I love a good ghost story. I devoured spooky stories as a kid and continue to read them as an adult. I watch the ghost story tv shows (not the ghost hunters or the psychic mediums; those people make me uncomfortable and squirmy, and I tend to think they're all swindlers) and simply must see all ghostly movies in the theaters. I don't believe in ghosts, but I do believe in the possibility. I think God is one creative power and anything is possible, really.

Above is a quick video showing the only curious thing on the tour. A blue glass globe is moving all by itself in the gift shop of Liz Daly's store. The AC isn't on and nothing else is shaking. I will take proper credit as the person pointing it out. Hubs is the cameraman and the voice you hear is our guide.

Super excited to see The Woman in Black starring Daniel Radcliffe. Gives me chills. Yes!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

19 Weeks and 20 Weeks - Behold A Bump

After a nine hour work day and a frenzy of cooking and laundry and panicked cleaning, Hubster took a photo of my lovely lady bump. I suspect it is one part steak and one part baby, actually. I hope getting Baby to pose for pictures will be easier than getting My Little Remy to cooperate. Sheesh! That dog has no attention span.

I have made it halfway through baking my lil cupcake! 20 weeks! Clearly I have not seen the sun in 20 years as made obvious by my radioactive white legs. I wear sunglasses to protect my eyes from the glare off my gams. Little baby has already made it to the beach, to a swamp, to the desert, to a bar (don't even get me started on the weird looks I got when I walked in), to Mexico, to the moon (there is a space shuttle replica in the museum). Oh, the wonders of what is in store for my little bean!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Classic Perfection

Somethings are just soooo right you cannot improve upon them. Some things are just the best.
Nestle Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe, I'm calling your name.

I have tried other recipes for allegedly the world's best cookie, but I cannot fathom a better one than Toll House's. This weekend I made four dozen cookies and and sloooowly making my way through them. Bless that test kitchen that originated this butter and brown sugar dream. I don't add nuts or coconut or other flavors or additives. Simple perfection is the power of a delicious cookie dream come true.

A plus side is that Happy Husband has made it his mission to eat as many as possible in one sitting... at every sitting. They are his favorite cookie too.

You can find the magic recipe on the back of their semi-sweet chocolate chips or here. What do you find so classic it should never be altered? What are some things you believe to be the world's best?

Obviously no one paid me for my baking and tasting opinion, if they did I would opine all the time and overindulge with more frequency. That being said if anyone wants to pay me to bake and eat and spread the good word of a fine pasrty, I am accepting all offers in all forms of payment.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Everyday Epiphanies

What's new this week?

  1. Try as I might, I will never like V8 juice. I need to eat more veggies. The he-tus has tastebuds already, ya know, and I don't want to start out as a poor model of behavior. Good thing he can't see the awful squinchy face I make whenever I try to down one of these supposed-god-for-you cans of eeeeeewwww. "Shoulda had a V8" tag line from commercial also plays on repeat in my brain as I choke it down. Blech!
  2. Something that is good... Ginger Ale. Always been a favorite beverage of mine. And I prefer it straight, thank you. Discovered this weekend that Ginger Ale is an "old person drink." Serrrrrrisllly? Watched a clip of "King of Queens" and "Everybody Loves Raymond" crossover episode, and Doris Roberts (the grandmother) thinks people should always have it for when they have company. Leah Remini's character said it is for old people. This comes as a suprise to me, but apparently to anyone who knows me and then helpfully reminds me of my nickname "Grandma Momo." Hhmmph.
  3. Also... the MAN will always find you. You cannot hide. I have been receiving AARP pamphlets, end of life planning informational mailers, coersive letters from life insuarnce companies telling me that I am leaving my family without a safety net, and Neptune Society newsletters (Cremation Society letters) for years! We are talking since I turned 21 people! I am only 27!!! I moved to South Carolina hoping that these people who want me to kick the bucket (or at least plan for my ultimate demise) would lose me. Nope, I recieved my first life-planning reminder yesterday. I want to live!
  4. Broken sandal at work can lead to broken dreams. For a child celebrating a birthday this weekend since my broken shoe led to a trip in the middle of Publix Supermarket which led to 2 lilac cupcake trays flyng through the air crashing to the ground. Pride, you have been humbled. Publix bakery lady, thank you for not laughing or sneering as you re-made twnety four lilac cupcakes with spinkles. The five-year-old and her mother (and this party coordinator) appreciate you!
  5. My dreams often have soundtracks. Today that soundtrack would not fade. Frankie Goes to Hollywood's "Relax" played over and over as I did everything. Walking from my car to the office, climbing stairs to the admin offices of the museum, preparing steamed mussels for Shawn, my Mother in Law, Karen and her sister, Cherie, I even sang a little bit to my dog as he was doing his doggie thing outside in the yard. And now you can have it in your head:

Thursday, August 25, 2011

All Shook Up

I missed my first earthquake. All the world around me experienced the trembling of August 24. 2011 and I missed it. I mean, I was there, and all, but... nothing. This is another example of not knowing enough about my new home. Shameful. I had no idea that Upstate South Carolina could feel earthquakes or that just a few hours south has one serious fault line. Hubs, fully aware that his brain is the sexiest thing about him, explained that when he has to design buildings in our are he has to account for these fault lines at similar levels to the building he constructed in Arizona and California. I oversimplify because I get all googly eyed when he talks engineering to me and my ears only hear "smart, smart, brainy, handsome, omigosh, so smart."

Greenville is in the county just left from where 1913 is written (It is the eye of the hamster I see when I look at SC on a map)
I was on the phone with a client when my cube-mate asked me if I "felt something just then." I honestly thought he was prepping for a punch line, but his face looked too serious. "You didn't feel that?" He called over to my boss to ask if she felt anything. He thought his blood sugar was giving him the shakes (we thought he might have been going cray-cray). As soon as he popped back in the office after grabbing a soda from the cafe, he saw all the 'quake messages on facebook. He wasn't losing his marbles and I missed the shaking.

Man, never did I think that earthquakes would shake up lil Greenville, SC. With all the afternoon matinee performances Baby is doing plus all the bubbles in my tummy all the time (you preggos know what I'm talking about), I could have mistaken some of that action for the Tremble of 2011.

There were frames askew all over the region.

And speaking of Natural Disasters and my close proximity to them... My Hubs, my Mother-In-Law and her two sisters, and Remy and Me and fetus will be trekking to Charleston to enjoy a good Hurricane this weekend. My guess is that they just don't "get" how much I dislike driving into a hurricane. Been there, lived through and cried through the damage when I saw my old neighborhood leveled. The only saving grace is that the Weather Report predicts that Hurricane Irene will stay at sea past South Carolina beaches and then wreaking havoc on North Carolina's outer banks.

Come On Irene! Too-Loo-Rai-Ay! Please just go a-way!

Whatchu got, nature? We've had freak hail, severe wind gusts and rain up the wazoo. Now you're piling on the 'canes and'quakes. 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Making Decisions

Today was the day we built our registry. I know what you're thinking, "Registry wasn't built in a day! Impossible!" Au Contraire, mon amis. We spent a ridiculous FOUR HOURS at Buy Buy Baby Saturday afternoon. Holy cow! There is a lot of merchandise in that place! And everything is absolutely key in the survival and comfort of our sweet little baby.

Saturday felt like bye bye sanity

It started off lovely as most registry outings go, having just shared a caesar salad and pizza rustica at Brixx Wood Fired Pizza (a hungry couple is a cantankerous couple). We oohed and ahhed over the little layettes. We giggled and scanned a fuzzy footed onesie that looked like a polar bear (a particular favorite of Mommy). He even brought over the bottle drying rack that looks like grass that he knew I wanted. It was beautiful all the way through the bottles and pacifiers and even part way through the diapers and butt cream sections. We hit the cribs and bedding section and the fatigue set in. We were only halfway through!
Begging for a hug

He nearly passed out from sticker shock (rightly so, I think) of the adorable four piece bedding sets. "So, wait a minute," he says to me. "This [$380 set] doesn't include anything that is in this entire area? Its a $400 set of three foot sheets? Why?! How can they do this?!" Righteous indignation gives me heartburn and I had already performed hours of pre-registering research to protect myself from this discomfort. Husband was not so prepared, unfortunately.
Little One's Bedding

Because we can't paint our rental house, Little One's bedding and furniture will have to act as the statement of the room. I do not like "cutesy things" with characters all over them (I should probably just suck it up since I have another 18 years of "characters" of all shapes and sizes coming my way) and have a slight aversion to stuffed animals. We chose NotNeutral's Arbor Friends because the little owl on it was as cutesy as I was going to get and I love green. Fully fleshed out discussions were held over every item scanned (except for the lamp and rug I added whether he liked them or not- tee hee!).
 We also agreed on a travel system that only weighed 30 lbs all together since I am a wimp and cannot imagine lifting a normal 40 lb. stroller in and out of my trunk. We turned in the scanner and took our goody bag and cheered up as he took my hand and told me he loved me.
This lil fun bag contained a pacifier, a 4 oz bottle, lotions and potions, a bib and a whole bunch of stuff.

We came, we scanned, we conquered, only to go home and price match what we registered at against what was on and moving items according to the best price.

Monday, August 22, 2011

The Joie of Baking

I love to bake! I really, really love the smell of fresh from the oven bread. The process of baking bread brings me joy. There are long periods of waiting, short bursts of kneading, patience and care, all leading up to a fantastic reward.

It has been a little while since I have last made bread. First thing this morning, I was in the kitchen creating a starter (dry active yeast, warm water and a very, very light sprinkle of sugar). Today I made French Baguettes from this recipe which according to the recipe poster is from the bestseller, French Women Don't Get Fat. Here is the gist of it (produces four thin loaves).

1. First, gently stir in 1 tsp. of active dry yeast into a half cup of warm water (i also sprinkle in a pinch of sugar to get the yeast really going). Wait about 10 minutes, watching for the yeast to bubble to life. In a large bowl, stir together 4 cups of all-purpose flour and two tsp. of salt. Add in the yeast mixture (should look like a beige slurry). Mix together until smooth and sticky.

2. Knead dough pushing and folding the dough for about 10 minutes on a lightly floured surface. You may end up adding up to a full cup of flour if our dough is too sticky. It should be glutinous but not sticking all over your fingers. Form it into a ball.
Just moments before, this bowl had a magnificent dome.

3. Transfer to a lightly greased bowl (I actually spray a sheet of plastic wrap with nonstick cooking spray, placing the dough blob on top of it while I wash and then spray the same bowl I mixed it in). Cover the bowl with plastic wrap or damp tea towel and let it rise, doubling in size. I usually put mine outside on the patio for two hours so the heat amplifies the bubbling power of the yeast during the warmer months or leave on the stove in the kitchen for up to three hours in colder times.

4. One your dough has puffed up sufficiently, uncover and punch it down a couple times, releasing some of the air. Line two cookie/baking sheets with parchment paper. Divide your dough ball into four equal parts. Roll each mini dough ball into the familiar baguette shapes. Let them rise again on the baking sheets for about a half hour, on the stove top as you preheat the oven to 450 degrees. They should have doubled in size.
Work in Progress

5. In a small bowl, mix together an egg and 1 Tbsp. of cold water. Score the tops of the loaves diagonally with a sharp time several times, then brush with the egg mixture. Sprinkle your favorite herbs, sesame/flax/sunflower seeds, rock salt, any topping you desire. **I topped one with Herbs de Provence, one with sesame seeds, kept one plain, and the other with a light dusting of rock salt. Place two ramekins filled with water on the baking sheet before placing it on the oven. Bake for 15 minutes. Then drop the temperature to 400 degrees, baking another 5-10 minutes. Repeat with second pair of loaves. 

You can wrap, bag and freeze the bread for quite some time, defrosting on the counter top just before you are ready to slice up and enjoy. Soups, salads, dinners, bruschettas, mini sandwiches will resonate with the love you put into it.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Feeling It

I felt the baby move.. A lot. It felt like gentle rolling in the right side of my tummy. I kinda liken it to waves crashing on a beach shore, one after another. Or series of bubbles being blown, taking a breath and then blowing another series of bubbles.

Little One was performing gymnastics just long enough for me to pounce on a sleeping husband and insist he try to feel our baby rock and roll. I don't know how well he could feel it, since I have an anterior placenta (it covers my belly acting like a mattress on the wall Hubby will be trying to feel through), but he said he could feel little jabs. Yes! I have been waiting for this moment!

At 19 weeks, our soccer player has started practicing his penalty kicks. Hooray!

Another Man in My Life

Yes, that's right. The fetus is a he-tus, not a she-tus. 
We are completely over the moon excited about the little man inside and can hardly wait (this is the first patience test since finding out that we'll be parents) to meet the little guy. We can already tell he has Shawn's big ol' feet and that he has about one million little bones (please hold as I take my calcium supplement with a glass of moo-juice). He also likes to sit really low in my abdomen, which accounts for most of my frequent potty breaks. And he may be a wee bit stubborn, which he inherits from both parents, as the sonographer had to jam me a few dozen times with that probey-tooly-thingy to get him to move in the right direction.

We also learned that we have a Single Umbilical Artery (SUA) which most people don't generally  know they have until the baby has burst forth from le womb. The life sustaining cord usually has two arteries and a vein. All this really means for us is that we have to monitor baby child's growth during the third trimester. SUA babies can be a little little when born since sometimes the blood flow through the cord can't keep up. It is nothing to worry about and the plus is that we get more ultrasounds. Baby Boy is going to love posing for the camera even before birth. That he gets from his Mommy.

Mom, Shawn, Scoobs and me sat in the room watching the video screen, waiting( for me to stop giggling and moving around when we could hear his quick lil heartbeat) to see his little features pop. A strong profile and long vertabrae with tiny hand curled toward his face appeared followed by a slightly uncomfortable looking skull (this was not a 3d scan that you can see faces, just bones and faint outlines). Such big eye sockets he has! His heart, kidneys, legs, feet, and then the goods. We couldn't really see what she was talking about so Daddy Shawn asked if we could see a better picture of his you-know (I followed up with, "We'd like to see undeniable proof.") and after a few jabs and shakes  Ba-bow! he's definitely a boy. I cried a little, my cried a little, and Shawn was beaming and shiny-eyed.
Baby's First Photoshoot

I could relive the ultrasounds everyday. Now I get to nearly every month. I can't wait to meet you little baby boy, but I guess I have to.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Everyday Epiphanies

Oh What a Week It Was! I spent the greater part of the week learning some things, some really big, some really small, and some that weigh a little less than seven ounces.

  1. I learned that I should draft up this post throughout the week because I forget everything I wanted to write immediately following my opener.
  2. I learned that trying to make new friends is a lot like dating. You have to scope out the room, sifting through the inhabitants, searching for someone you hope will be somewhat like-minded and open for conversation. There are uncomfortable moments before you sum up the courage to speak with the object of intended friendliness. Do I go over and interrupt conversation, or do I try to catch them alone outside the bathroom? You small talk about silly things "you like camping? I love camping but I secretly haven't gone in a year. You know, I love bread and beer. Do you like bread and beer?" when all you want is to cut to the chase "hey, are you taking applications for friends? I am as well and would like to sit with you over a coffee, interview-style. How's Thursday?" The worry if you do the unthinkable and ask for their number, will you get rejected, or an over enthusiastic, "yes, please take it and my email and my fax and my parent's house number in case I'm over there." It's a minefield for the timid. Good thing we're an outgoing couple.
  3. My FURST born, Remy, is sad that my Mom and little brother, Scooby, were only in town for a couple days. He's kinda depressed without all the extra affection and attention when we're at work. Remy finally was able to play with another wild woman who gets on her hands and knees to wrassle his hairy hiney, like his Mommy.
  4. I learnesd that my butt is competing with my bump to see which can stick out he farthest. It is a close call. The Happy little household over which I reign (hardly) will no longer be eating pasta three nights a week. 
  5. We learned that we are having a.... baby! Hahahahahaha. Nah I'm leaving that for a special post all on its own. Complete with ultrasound photos. Tune in Monday for a special report. (I was a journalism major in college. It feels so right to say, "Special Report.")

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Trade Off for the Newly Expecting Couple

When you finally break down in tears and beg Husband to open the vault that is a teeny bank account because your pants may be strangling the fetus inside, it is time to take initiative (and the credit card) to Macy's. I am not a therapeutic shopper; the demon checkbook says "Awwww, hail no!" I am certainly not a casual shopper, though I try to be a bargain one. On Saturday afternoon, Happy Husband took me to Goodwill for a shopping spree. Notification: Not all Goodwill Stores are created equal... read: some of them smell like mothballs and bengay joint cream and require those with super noses, like myself, to evacuate premises immediately. I toughed it out for 20 minutes browsing the Pregnant Octagenarians rack in the back of shop.
Not recommended as perfume

We hauled my leggings bedecked booty out of there and went across town to a consignment kids shop. Pregnant women do not wear tapered jeans, so they should be burned and not sold in stores, second hand or not; I prefer to sleep in tents under the stars, not to wear ones that were knitted in the 70s (also with the faint pesticide odor of prior owner).  Just because my belly is huge doesn't mean I intend for my butt to appear larger, too. Also, am I full-on cray-cray to consider a previously owned juggs milker, if I buy brand new replacement parts that actually touch my skin and baby sustenance? This thing usually costs over $300 new and I can get it for $89 if I wait until the end of the month. Is this preggo brain, or good thrifting?

After a delicious sandwich across the street, Hubster drove me halfway back across town to THE MALL! Egads! It has been forever since I stepped in there. The craving for Auntie Anne's pretzels and Cinnabon were nearly overwhelming. I stayed focused until we came to the corner of Macy's that houses their Motherhood Collection. Wanted to buy EVERYTHING, but purchased two pairs of gorgeous work pants that fit like a spandex glove over this house sized belly. I maneuvered our way to the baby clothes section and pointed out that we need little shirts that snap on the side when we bring our bundle of joy home from the hospital, "That way it doesn't hurt the soft little head or rub the little stump," I said. "Stump?! Stump?!!" Husband was slightly alarmed that seemed to have told him forgotten something. "Yeah, the part of the umbilical cord that hangs on for a little while. Its stuck to the belly button," I explained in perfect medicalese. "That'ssooo nasty. I'm going to puke," he enlightened me. "Yep, it gets all crusty and gross then falls off after about a couple weeks. Some people even keep it in scrapbooks." He looked like he was going to pass out under the bibs. The joys of freaking out a future father; you can't put a price on it.
The stump I'm talking about looks a little different (no daffodils)

We get home and Hubs is feeling the sting of not having any toys. So he purchased some video games and proceeded to play them for hours as soon as Amazon delivered them to the house. You just enjoy them while it lasts, sweetums. When baby cry, daddy cry too. Mommy nearly cried too when she found out the white preggie pants were freakin' see-through. Nothing like a brazen pregnant-out-to-here hussy walking around the children's museum with her granny panties seen clear through the be-hind. Looking fierce coming and going... back to the mall... to get Cinnabon... and pretzel...
Or maybe a donut will do? Mmmmm... Donuts

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Love Letters on a Friday

A little bit of love before breakfast
 I wrote the Husband a lil love letter rambling on and on about how grateful I am for everything he does for me and the pup (and the little one inside). I took up most of a sheet from a legal pad, poring my current reasons for loving him as I do.

Shawn does a lot for us and has taken on responsibilities that, quite frankly, I am just no good at (i.e. keeping track of finances, getting refunds from companies because I ALWAYS fold, doing everything in the garage because I'll pass out from the heat, and telling people "no" because I will always say "yes, and is there anything else I can do for you," etc.) He really does things before I could ask him to do it and does them because he cares. He still gives me butterflies after all the years we've been together (we've been dating since fall 2003 and moved in together in 2005) whenever he walks into a room.The best parts of my day are kissing him before he leaves for work and kissing him as soon as he gets home...

Blech! Mushy Stuff! Get a room with your schmoopy selves!

I try not to get all googly-eyed. This is like watching PDA, but reading it and feeling equally awkward. Where I do I look? Can I close my eyes and still read? Nah. I just feel that it is important to let your special someone know that you love them and appreciate everything they do for you; little things can slip by without a thank-you and a hug. Every once in awhile I write it down, stream-of-consciousness style on legal paper, napkins, paper towels, receipts, whatever is nearby for him to read when he has a moment. It is easier to focus on a piece of paper and scrawled notes sometimes than it is to listen to your wife's voice. He hasn't said that, people, but I know when he tunes it out ;)

When I handed it to him this bright and shiny morning, one hand on my Eggo waffle, I told him to take "this" and read it later. He asked what it was, looking at the scrunched up yellow paper in my less syrupy hand. I told him it was a cease and desist letter, then kissed him on his merry way. Later in the afternoon he emailed me that I made his day and that all he wants is just to take care of me. Joy! Blushing, infatuated giggly on the inside Joy! I came home to a beautiful bouquet of long stem magenta alstroemeria neatly arranged in a vase. Score! This man never buys flowers for no reason! Hello romance, I am pleased to meet you. If we weren't already married with a honey bun in the oven, I'd think he was going to propose.

I am wishing you all a week's worth of romance and good spirits, as I'll be riding this wave of warm fuzzies for a lil while.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Epiphanies

Good Day to you my blog reading friends. Behold my momemts of hmmmmmm from the past week:

  1. I may begin calling the fetus fantasticus "meatball" because after eating a fabulous Italian spaghetti and meatball dinner with holy-cow garlic bread, the preggo belly looks huge! Some days it just looks like said dinner was chowed down upon and other days, actually looks like a person is being created in there. Meatballs it is... at last for dinner.
  2. If I am tired, I should just hoist myself up and take a walk with Happy Hubby. It wakes me right up and I treasure the time just spent talking with him, and being pulled all over the neighborhood by Remy.
  3. Still on the fence about Remy being sprayed by Hubba Hubba Hubby with fabric febreze for pet odors and preferring the smell but being horrified that Hubs soaked the stinky pup with chemicals. The offending puppy musk has been destroyed and now he is transformed by the chemicals into a super powered hero dog with skills a la Spiderman... that would be the best possible scenario.
  4. Super excited to plan our rip to Charleston when Mom-in-Law and Aunts in Law come to visit next week! Atlantic Ocean plus Southern gorgeousness? Yes, please!
  5. Mini marathons of ghost stories and murderous women shows makes a delightful evening of television. Every night of the week. I know its weird, but I like it and Shawn watches with me. We used to go to haunted houses each fall and watch all the scary movies that come out in the theaters. Happiness is ominous tones as background music and a Vincent Price sounding voice over. Should a pint of Half Baked Haagen-Dasz make an appearance... that would be bliss.

Friday, August 5, 2011

The first week of August..

  1. I miss red lipstick! I haven't worn it since I've become a southerner and didn't realize how much miss it until watching Captain America with the hubster. Enjoyed the movies, but spent much of the time envying the finger waves and those cherry red puckers. Busting out my trusty tube now!
  2. My bump is really showing, as evidenced by yesterday's post. It just popped out of nowhere in the past couple days.
  3. I have come down with some serious cabin fever. Need.To.Get.Out.Of.The.House.But.First.Need.Money.Tree!
  4. Not having purchased a single thing for the bean is making me crazy. I am a planner who needs to feel prepared. So I bought a package of diapers on my way home, just in case the fetus needs one in several months.
  5. Florida avocados are great for eating by themselves (they shoot me straight back to my Grandfather's avocado tree in his backyard.. a tasty childhood, indeed!), but are not great for making guacamole. Alas, shoulda bought a Hass. Even as a wee one, I could eat an entire giant the size of my face with simply salt and pepper.
 Here is a quick recipe of how I make my guac:

1 Hass avocado, slightly squishy to the touch
1/4 red onion, chopped small
1/4 tomato, seeded and chopped
1 tsp. garlic powder (we use more garlic than most people I know :) )
2-3 twists of a black pepper mill
2 shakes of a salt shaker (sometimes, I leave it out

Slice open the avocado, lengthwise. To remove the pit, whack it with the sharp side of your chef's knife twisting a little to pull it out. Combine all ingredients. Mash with a potato masher to save minutes of frustration, but make sure to leave some chunks. Give a quick gentle stir with a spoon. Devour using tortilla chips, pita, bread, your hands, whatever you have available! This goes very quick in this happy lil home. Salud!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Belly Rubs

Yesterday I had my first belly rubs. Contrary to my normally, "don't touch me - stranger danger" feelings, I got the warm fuzzies. I was escorting a group of pre-K kids into the museum when all of a sudden I felt a tiny hand on my recently-rapid-expansion belly.

I look down to see the sweetest little face looking u at me as she moved her tiny hand in small circles just below my navel. "Tell me you have a baby in there," she said as she continued her small circles.

I was a taken aback, but happily told her, "Yes, there is a baby in there."
"Do you know if it is a boy or a girl?" her hand never stopping.
"No," I smiled down at her, "I don't know if it is a boy or girl yet." The equally tiny girl next to her in line began to rub my belly in unison with her.
"Do you want a girl?" the original inquisitor asked, both staring up at me.
"I wouldn't mind having either a boy or a girl."
"You want a girl," she assured me. "I am very good at hair and I would like to do her hair." The second child nodded her head, then both stopped rubbing and followed their teachers into the museum. And that was that. The five-year-olds have spoken.

Had those girls been old women in the grocery store, as I feared this occasion would be, I may have froze up or ran as fast as I could manage. I had a smile for the rest of the day.

So here it is, my first BUMP photo...

16 weeks 5 days

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Skipping Mommy and Going Straight to Granny

Hubster and I made our monthly trip to that mega warehouse store of the bulk item gods, Costco, over the weekend. The items in our cart were not our usual list; we went a li'l crazier than our usual six pounds of cheese and mountain of ground beef. We bought eight pounds of chicken tenderloin, a jug of pesto, forty-eight bagel bites, a giant box of frozen waffles. Shawn got four pairs of Grandpa socks which go all the way up to his knees (he is 6'2" so these babies are high!) and I got what I thought were a package of cute bikinis briefs. Bahhhhhahahahahahaha these li'l puppies are gigantic. I caught a look at my outfit as I was leaving for work in the morning an noticed the nearly two inches of green and pink stripes above my waist band of my medium rise work pants.

You cant write this kind of sexy. 

I even had Shawn pick out the colors. This is how I keep our relationship spicy. I was going to buy my usual black-beige-white solid color scheme and honey said, "no, get the pink ones." "Live a little, right?" I asked him, neither of us knowing just what lay in store inside that deceptive little package.

We're a hot little pair in grandpa socks and grannie panties.My booty may look as large as the warehouse store itself, but you better believe I rock those undies like I'm walking a catwalk.