Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Epiphanies

Another week has come and gone. These are some of my ah-ha! moments.

  1. My eeeeew moment (actually more like an eeeeew 24 hours) I learned that I must wash my hairat least very other day. I tried to see if I could improve the condition of this unruly bale of hay atop my dome by washing it every three days. A gorgeous blogger I follow washes hers that often and hers is hair to be envied. On day three, I resembled Professor Snape in a downpour. Not a good look for me.
  2. I can mow a dang lawn! I can survive mowing a quarter acre lawn in 100 degree heat with over 60% humidity! I wear the bruises on my palms (from pushing the mower up and down a hill) with pride.
  3. I learned Money Can't Buy You Class... Elegance is Leeeaarned , my friends. It may not be a good song, but it can really stick in my head.
  4.  The phrase, "I'm wide open," when in the south means you are crazy busy and your schedule is packed. It doesn't make much sense to me, when you aren't busy are you supposed to say, "I'm shut tight"?
  5. I am a proponent of leashing a child. When five children (and waaay too many adults, actually) walked through the clearly marked emergency exits in one day, it cemented my feelings. That doesn't even cover the "lost mommy" searches we do, too. And come on, they make little child leashes that look like monkeys and puppies! 

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Big Mistake

I am a curious sort of person. If I come across something of which I am unfamiliar, I like to look it up and learn a bit about it (this is why I am a highly sought after Trivial Pursuit partner and why I dominate at Jeopardy). It occurred to me that I have never seen a real live birth. The miraculous bringing of a life into the world! Oh joy of joys!

Husband is adorable in his blown-away-ed-ness with all things baby. He was reading through the packet of printouts provided by my ob. His shock and awe was cute (even though I feel like I may have already told him much of what he found so surprising). I wanted to learn something too. I wanted to be cute!

A moment later, I braved typed in "live birth" into You Tube. My life, my eyes will never be the same. Oh, I learned something alright. I learned to fear what will be happening in less than six months. A beautiful thing, they say. My throat is kinda hoarse from screaming. I am truly educated now, a terrified type of educated, but smarter and more informed nonetheless.

After all that scared me, the doctor held up the baby to the mother's chest. My heart warmed and the horror gave way to warm fuzzies. Good thing I have sometime to reconcile myself to this incredible incredible that anyone survives to do it again experience. Good thing my mood swings so easily these days, I would hate to live in fear of the little one inside.

Have you ever faced something that terrifies you, and won?

PS It was the afterbirth that did it to me.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Second State Radio Update

One of the trickier parts of moving across the country is discovery new radio stations you can get into. Hubby and I have experienced this challenge. Living in a giant metropolis like PHX, one doesn't think of a lack of media ever being a concern. As a Journalism and Mass Comm. degree holder, I dearly miss all of my options. On Thursday, as I navigated the one way streets of Greenville, SC, a familiar tune pricked my ears. No it wasn't the delightful Adele song the DJs play every morning at 8am (or the Britney Spears or Nikki Minaj ones they have in strong rotation either).

Hawk and Tom Show

It has been a loooong time since I ave heard this segment, but it is definitely the same Second Date Update segment as JohnJay and Rich in Phoenix! Even the music bed is the same. I couldn't believe my ears. Of course the callers are different, but it is nice to have a piece of my former home here.

JohnJay and Rich

I do have to say that these Southern citizens are a might bit less sleazy then our Southwestern counterpart.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Book Club Friday

My first Link Up! Hooray! Anyone who knows me knows my affection for reading. I could read all day long, taking short breaks for life's little essentials and then reading some more. I'll link up as fast as I can read the books (note to self... get library card for Greenville... books don't come cheap these days).

This week I'm sharing:
The 19th Wife by David Ebershoff

Back Cover Synopsis:It is 1875, and An Eliza Young has recently separated from her powerful husband, Brigham Young, prophet and leader of the Mormon Church. Expelled and an outcast , Ann Eliza embarks on a crusade to end polygamy in the United States. A rich account of her family's polygamous history is revealed, including how both she and her mother became plural wives. Yet soon after Ann Eliza's story begins, a second exquisite narrative unfolds - a tale of murder involving a polygamous family in present day Utah. Jordan Scott, a young man who was thrown out of his fundamentalist sect years earlier, must reenter the world that cast him aside in order to discover the truth behind his father's death. And as Ann Eliza's narrative intertwines with that of Jordan's search, readers are pulled deeper into the mysteries of love, family, and faith.

My take: I bought this book while during a three hour layover on my way to Phoenix several weeks ago. I bought it solely because it was thick and on sale. I didn't dislike the book, but I didn't like it either. I really enjoyed the research that went into putting the novel together. I really appreciate the author's dedication to said research and I enjoyed his character Jordan, who could really be any torn and confused twenty-something with a past and a chip on his shoulder. What I didn't like was the painting of Brigham Young as a lascivious character. He had quite the talent for leadership and many, many good works to his credit. I felt the book downplayed his great qualities, but I realize that emphasizing what a truly respected and respectable person he was would not jive with the plot. I have to state that I disagree with polygamy, clearly, but it was a way to heaven for them at the time. Who wouldn't take the heavenly path? (This is a struggle that Ann Eliza's own mother endured.) All in all, I felt the book to be a little slow, but well written and thoughtfully researched, and I didn't find it all that engaging, but I may very well be on my own. Amazon's reviewers really seemed to like it.

Friday Epiphanies

New little segment  am going to try to do every Friday (to make sure I post each week, too). Hold me accountable, my people!

These are Five light bulb moments of the past week. The saying goes "you learn something new every day," while these ten things may not change my life, or even that particular day in any profound way, but they made me go "Ahhhh Ha!"

  1. Husband has fears that our baby will be covered in hair and resemble Sloth from The Goonies ("Hey You Guuuuuuys!"). He had a nightmare and couldn't relax for about an hour after waking up. Then my neuroses kicked in... oh geez! Please don't tell me our baby will look like a rabid monkey! Panic!!!
  2. Everything tastes better on a tortilla. Case in point- tortilla pizza (flour tortilla + Prego spaghetti sauce + shredded mozz + turkey pepperoni * cooked open-faced on a dry non-stick pan over medium heat for five minutes) is as lovely as it is easy.
  3. Baby Dog has body odor when left outside for more than three minutes. Eau de Pooch goes away quickly but Whew! that is one stinky pup!
  4. I may take Prenatal Vitamins for the rest of my life if my nails will stay this awesome. PS I should probably cut them since I am looking more and more like wolverine every day.
  5.  I need to make friends soon. Sounds so sad. Cue the violins, maestro! Staying in every night isn't as fun as I'd like to make you all believe and I need some girlfriends to commiserate with. Shawn and I are both running out of conversation. Last night, after a long time with a word exchanged, I said, "Boy, was it hot today"... the dreaded I-have-nothing-to-say-but-I-can't-stand-this-awful-boring-silence-any-longer-please-dear-lord-help-me-I-have-no-words phrase. Need to meet people who haven't heard all my stories a thousand times! Ugh! Having my best friend all to myself is pretty dang nice in the mean time, though.

Well there it is. What revelations have you made this week?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New Look, Same Flavor

Using my masterful skills in Paint I finally upgraded this blah-feeling blog. Improvement, no?

C'est la vie!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I have been in love with style from the 40s and 50s my entire life. There was so much glamour at a time when money was scarce and spirits needed lifting. All a girl could do was doll up her hair slap on red lipstick and face the world guns blazing. My stylist in AZ, Sabrina, completely gets my 40s fascination; she's been known to sport a victory roll once or twice before. She organized my last photoshoot in the Southwest days before I moved eastward. She styled me up with gorgeous hair and make-up. Her fiance, Elvis Castilo took some incredible shots. I had so much fun; I left wanting more!

Now if only I could look like this everyday!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Wedded Bliss

We spent a wonder whirlwind weekend in Prescott, Arizona to celebrate one of my besties weddings. I have to say that I really needed a mega dose of seeing my friends. We can always pick right up where we left off. Laughter is non-stop; a must in any relationship I am part.
Kenda, Dusty, Hubster and me after the rain cleared up

The rehearsal on Friday was spectacular! The Andersons organized a Golf Scramble for their guests at the incredible Talking Rock Ranch. Just off to the side of the putting green sat an inconspicuous BLACKHAWK HELICOPTER! The chaplain flew up from Phoenix to run through the following day's oh so important ceremony. With a roaring blast he took off, blowing all of us standing nearby about five steps backward. Happy Hubby was like a little kid. The groom was proud (he is a Blackhawk Pilot) and the bride beaming. That night us bridesmaids and Miss Natalie stayed at a "cottage" on the golf course. She said it was rustic, but her Nana let the cat out of the bag. Freakin' Gorgeous!
The wedding party, pre-party

In the morning we primped and relaxed for the night's festivities. Natalie looked gorgeous (even more glowing than her usual loveliness). A sweet perk was that I got to see my stylist from AZ! Sabrina! I truly miss her (and her considerable talents). Her talent for updos keeps getting better as evidenced by the masterpieces on the ladies' heads.
Christy helping her only daughter prepare for her Big Day
Theres a little 13 week bun in that oven

The wedding was beautiful. The photographer also did not capture for posterity my foot sliding out of my shoe as I took my spot at the altar. I was thanking the Lord for giving me some kind of balance and not letting me fall flat on my face (Nat had a nightmare that I passed out and couldn't walk down the aisle). I can see why Tyler had Chaplain Walgren officiate, he was wonderful, toughing and funny. The reception was a blast. Great music and dancing, the food was great (so, I heard. I got sick just as dinner was set in front of me. Super bummer.). Best of all, it was the happiest I have seen my friend.
The Blessed Couple

I wish you a lifetime of happiness, Nat and Tyler!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

How Now, Girl-Who-Feels-Like-Cow?

It was brought to may attention this past weekend that I have severely been neglecting this blog-diggity-dog. My sincerest apologies. Also, I offer my advance apologies for the next six months as I start defining my life in WEEKS, rather than months, days, years, whatever measure of time normal, non-preggos use. It will probably get old, but hey I'm excited for the little bun in the oven.

Let me tell you about the anxiety of job searching while pregnant... it makes me anxious. Told ya. If they see my chub will they think I'm preggo and not want to take the risk of me leaving after hire or will they see the chunky and then immediately see that my waistband on my work pants may or may not be buttoned (I rigged up a rubber band contraption to keep my moon in check). Being too big for mt regular clothes and small (thank the lawd I am too small for something!) for maternity pants.


The sudden onset of nausea in my 11th week of being in the family way (tee hee hee) didn't help matters either. I kept thinking as I would position myself as close as possible to the nearest restroom, "If I squeeze through the giant man and the three inches between the chair behind him and then clothesline his grandma, I might be able to barf in the bathroom instead of on my own chest." On Hubster's Special Day of Getting One Year Older (aka his 30th Birthday), I flew through a German restaurant faster than a bowling ball hurtling through a vacuum tube, and made it le toilet before Mt. Saint Mo's mushroom appetizer made an encore appearance... twice. Don't worry friends, I regained my appetite the following Tuesday (as this was Thursday, over a wedding weekend, I was somewhat okay with that).


I discovered that chicken, yes that incredible, edible bird that I cook five days a week officially gives me the creeps. I just got a shiver up my spine. Blech! A few weeks (there I go again) ago I realized that I haven't eaten my feathered friend in a while...hmmm... odd. I made hot wings for dinner with my other love, Frank's Original Red Hot Sauce, and could barely choke it down...strange. BBQ chicken breasts with corn on he cob... I only ate the corn... bewildering. Then I noticed that I eat massive quanities of ground beef. Chili, burgers, meatloaf, stroganoff, salisbury steaks, tacos, burritos, nachos (really like Mexican food, okay). I have replaced bird with cow. Who am I?!


One of my besties got married!!! The wedding was incredible! Natalie looked especially gorgeous and Tyler so handsome. (I felt like the aforementioned cow, but managed to have a great time before and after getting sick in the country club's restroom during the dinner that received rave reviews). God provided a light show in the form of far-off lightning storm, too. More on this beautiful occasion to come in another post, promise!


Oh yeah, while at the rehearsal I received my job offer at The Children's Museum of the Upstate. Blessed Be! I am once again gainfully employed! I started Tuesday (the day after we got back to Greenville). I looooove watching the children get excited to enter the museum. The jump up and down and tug on the mother's shirt hems and say, "please, please, please" when their eyes see the kaleidoscope climber. This is a great step in the right direction for me and my growing family.
So there it is. The last few weeks of my life. Weeks weeks weeks. Finally things worth blogging about :)