Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hello New Blog!

A domestic manifesto: Rules to live my life by. A public declaration of living my life as I say. Be it boring, be it mundane, it is mine all mine.

Little Lesson About Me:

a. I live in Chandler, Arizona
b. Graduated with a BA in Journalism from Arizona State University in 2006
c. Married my best friend on 1 May 2010
d. He still gives me butterflies after dating for six years
e. Rescued the most incredible dog, Remy, in February 2010
g. I can hear the high school's marching band from my house in the morning
h. Love to cook exotic dishes
i. Foremost passion is reading
j. Am Christian-Protestant
k. Born in Miami, Fl
l. Favorite color changes almost weekly... today it is green
m. Most of my clothes are black, grey, or white
n. Happiest when near water (feel like I am drying out in this desert heat without it)
o. First love was Clark Gable
p. Halloween is my favorite holiday
q. Will never have a favorite book, movie, singer, or song
r. Frequently listen to laughing babies on
s. I took dance lessons (ballet, tap, jazz, and/or acrobatics) until I was 16
t. Count my Lovely Mother as one of my closest confidantes
u. Love learning new things
v. Fascinated by history and anthropology
w. Desperately want to be a mother one day, just not today
x. I could live in a library
y. Get sucked in into every museum (happily)
z. Dreamy Husband and I love to see scary/thriller/suspense movies at the theatre

Listening to: "Destiny" by Zero 7
Reading: "Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest" by Steig Larsson

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Marissa said...

I am so glad you have a blog! Yay! :)