Friday, May 13, 2011

In just over two weeks...

My Life will be flipped upside down and rolled down a Blue Ridge Mountain!

In just over two weeks:
I will have my last day of work (at my new job, hmpfh)
I will finally see and hug and hold my husband
I will have traveled to a foreign country and back again
My house will be packed up and trekked across the You Ess Ayyy
I will be in a two-seater car with a 27 lb dog and a three ounce turtle
I will have to get a new driver's license
I will begin to say "y'all" and mean it
I will get so lost my GPS won't be able to save me (*cough*it has happened before)
I will try to make new friends
I will try to be employed
I will plan for my family to come see me (geez, I miss them!)
I will love my new home
I will finally be home :)

As for right now:
I will still try to make sales, even though I may not be invested (paid)
I will coordinate my last 2011 prom, two dinners, two breakfasts, one PR event
I will search through the interwebs for a new J.O.B
I will continue this very effective diet (booyah!)
I will spend as much time with my Arizona friends as possible
I will purge my closets, and dressers, and chests, and secret drawers of all the suff I haven't worn, looked at, or loved in too long
I will call Hubby everyday and bug him as much as I can
I will make my bed just in case the realtor comes by
I will eat all the veggies my garden has grown
I will continue to smile my dang face off

New Flag of New Home

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