Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Feeeelings... So many feeeeelings!

I have intentionally avoided my blog lately. I have some beans to spill but want to keep said beans to myself a little while longer. Oh what a bean it is!

See Beans are firmly sealed in jar... no spillage.

I am an emotional whackadoo lately. The changes in my life are crazy right now (man, do I want to write it, but dang! I can't!). Today is my last day at the Science Center. It has been a really wild ride. Mostly phenomenal experience and fantastic coworkers. I really wouldn't trade this experience for much (aside for maybe moving right away so I wasn't do the long-distance-marriage thing). I laughed, I sold, I cried, and I finagled extra seating into too small of spaces. I've done it all!

Tonight I am buying all sorts of beverages for my trip south of the border. I am in charge of the non-boozy beverages. The other girls all have a handle on that already. All I want is Orange Juice and some sort of lemonade... yummmmm... and a way to keep it as icey-cold as possible. I plan on trying not to get sunburned, and then being really sad when I do, and then layering on all of the lotion I brought with me. I am super white and freckly folks. I can get burnt from a walk acroos a parking lot.

Tomorrow I am packing (that means I am buying boxes with my OJ at Wal-Mart tonight) as much as I can possibly pack. Then I have a last lunch with my future-former boss, Mo (we were the best team of Mo's around I tell you), followed by a quick jaunt to el aeropuerto to pick up Gina.

Friday... we drive! To Puerto Penasco in a giant mommy van. Husband arrives in Chandler right after I leave for Mexico. He will watch my baby dog while he hangs out with all his friends. I have a feeling it will be more bachelor-party than I'd like, but what the heck? Im not there to clean up after it.

Maybe after this fun-and-sun-filled beach weekend, I will let the cat out of the bag. (Cats don't like bags any way. Have you ever tried to put one inside of one? Don't try it. They scratch.)

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