Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Working in the Shadows

Read great book recommended on Citizen Reader's blog, Working in the Shadows: Doing the Jobs [most] Americans Won't Do by Gabriel Thompson in two days. I have to give my subsequent thumbs-up, too. It was published in 2010, after employer sanctions laws in AZ (my home state) but before the pinnacle of SB1070 controversy. Instead of focusing on being able to live on minimum wage or how disgusting it is work work in a slaughterhouse, Thompson strived to live and work as an immigrant. Succinct, to-the-point and brightly written, I can't say that it was necessarily an eye opening experience, rather it furthered my interest in the lives of the people that come to America in hope of a better life - the ones who work several jobs, getting paid sub-minimum wage to work mind-numbing back-breaking tasks (can you imagine dumping big tubs of chicken parts into a bigger tub of more chicken parts or picking lettuce in the sweltering fields in Yuma, AZ for your eight (or more) hour work day - how boring and straining).

Just today, parts of Senate Bill 1070 were put on hold, while the remainder may go into effect tonight at midnight. It is interesting times we live in. I enjoy learning from both sides of the [border] fence and am convinced if more people took an educating and open-minded approach, compromises can be made and agreements reached.

Peace and Love.

Listening to: "What Else is There" by Royksopp
Reading: "The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks" by Rebecca Skloot

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