Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Final Days of Her Single Life

Last weekend I traveled to Las Vegas to celebrate my dear friend, Jamie's, bachelorette party. I had an absolute blast, especially being that it was my first Girls' Trip (I have been to Vegas many times, but this was the first without Shawn, or a pack of fraternity boys). We took in a hysterical show (which I am now protesting since they didn't hear any of my screams to drag Jamie up on stage), ate incredible food at the society cafe, gambled (I am not a gambler and only parted with $20) at the old stomping grounds of O'Shea's, we laughed, danced, and took aspirin in the mornings with our Pink's Hot Dog Lunch.

Enjoy the final days of your singlehood, Jamie! I am so excited for you to walk down that aisle into the arms of the man of your dreams. He's a very lucky man, indeed.

Viva Diversion!

Viva Amigas!
Viva Amor!

P.S. Natalie... you're on deck. Us old marrieds are passing the veil on to you!

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