Monday, February 7, 2011

Own Private Water Show

It may not have been Bellagio-level musically timed awe-inspiring awesomeness, in fact there was no awesomeness. Not even a bit. The geyser shooting from my house on Friday evening was pretty spectacular, though, and my dog thought the new pool formed over my patio-grass-rocks-(used to be dry)waterfall was pretty awesome. I, however, did not share the sentiments of my fuzzy four-legged friend.

In fact, I freaked as I was blasted in the face with icy cold water as I repeatedly tried to find where the break in the pipe was located. I ran around the house and cut off the water supply. Yes, a pipe froze, then subsequently burst in Chandler, Arizona.

This actually brings me to {Day Three} of the reasons and ways I love my lover.

alt text

I love my lover because he is good at just about anything. 
He has never played the role of a plumber, 
yet he miraculously made it happen that on Sunday morning, 
we were finally able to take a shower. 
(God Bless showers!)
I may have asked him to look like a plumber, crack and all,
but he assured me this was serious work and while he wasn't going to try to have plumber's butt
he wouldn't NOT try.
Always trying to make me happy, what a guy!

{Day Four}
I love that he wants to protect me and shield me from unpleasant things.
Even though, I feel I should know everything in the world,
I love and appreciate his shining armor.
He is my hero.

{Day Five}
I love my lover's eyes. 
They are so expressive! 
Deep deep brown, 
with little crinkles at the corners 
that tell me when he's really happy or just faking it. 
I love those little crinkles!!

I'll do a few "days" tomorrow, too. So I can get all caught up!
Listening to: "Gravity" by John Mayer
Reading: "Million Dollar Mermaid" the autobiography/memoir of Esther Williams

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