Thursday, February 24, 2011

La Comida Fantastica

We've been eating pretty well in our little house. I have created (well, re-created from my Ethnic Cuisine cookbook) might tasty dishes of the sea as of late.

Garlic-Ginger Steamed Crab Legs

Spanish Seafood Stew (w/ yummy saffron)

If you're curious I'll tell you how to make these delicious pescatarian meals.


Billy and Marissa said...

Yum! Billy loves seafood so please do post the recipes!

Shirley said...

Looks fancy! I get discouraged when I cook (as rare as it is for me to want to cook) and it doesn't turn out as tasty as the recipe sounded. Also, it takes me a couple hours to do and that takes up a good chunk of my time after I get home from work, so boo to that. But I like to collect good recipes, so seeing other people successfully make dishes is good. :)