Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Amazon Mom - Life and Money Saver

As I sit here pondering the changes forthcoming in my life I imagine all the hoots I will have. I envision how funny it will be the first time Hubs has to change a 3am diaper, the cackling hysteria the first time Baby H surprises him with his own private water show, the toots, the giggles, the blow outs. Then I envision the inevitable day that we have run out of diapers at that special 3am changing. Dish towel? Paper towels? Knapkins? The receiving blanket? Just lay him in the bath tub and hose him down?

Shopping this past weekend in hat Megaopolis known as Costco, we must have looked rather obvioulsly overwhelmed by all the diaper options. We probably sat in that back corner of the warehouse giant discussing the liklihood that H will stay in newborn or size ones for some time and how many jumbo packs to purchase of each. Two moms stopped by and took pity on us, easing our furrowed brows.

{We purchsed two giant New Baby Starter Boxes from Huggies It has Newborns, Size Ones and a box of wipes. Done and I am starting to feel prepared for H's debut.}

The mom to five kids shed some light on a great deal though. She said she subscribes to Amazon Mom. They offer deep discounts on diapers and send you a month's supply  each...well... month... so those sleep deprived panics are averted.

It is free to sign up and Moms, Dads, Uncles, Aunts, Grandparent, whoever are all eligible. You get 30% off selected diapers and wipes, 15% off many other items in the Baby store,  free 2-day delivery with Amazon Prime, free returns, and emails and updates galore. We use Amazon a lot in our household. In fact, we used Amazon for a Baby Registry (plus  Buy Buy Baby for those who prefer in-store shopping). I take joy in having to only leave my house for food and fun rather than shopping chores. Sign me up... when Baby H is born; I'm not losing a single day of the three-month free 2-day shipping!


HeatherC said...

Monique- just use They are awesome. Great variety and if you spend more then $50 (which happens every time) you get free two-day shipping.

Connie said...

Thanks for sharing this- I love amazon. Big users here too (:

The Presutti's said...

New follower! Love your blog and love your post! Can't wait to get to know you!