Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Holy Sheets!

There was no pulling me out of bed this morning. Hurried Hubby pressed the snooze button twice before he eventually jumped in the shower. I stayed put. He dried off and tried to smooch me awake. I stayed put. He informed me of the time. That clock is a liar, I proclaimed. I stayed put. He let the pup into the room who tappa-tappa-tappaed on my undercover feet. Hubby smooched me again when his hair was done. "But these sheets are so soft", I yelled as I splayed out covering as much of the king size bad as possible.

Holy Sunlight!
 These sheets are made for luxuriating, my friends. Do I know what the thread count is? Nope. Don't care as long as they keep on doing what they are doing. Calvin Klein something-something threadcount soft gray king size sheets from Marshalls, I bow down to you and your unbelieveably low price of $30.
Manzanitas repurposed from my wishing tree at our wedding

Cloud like pillows that cradle my head in a dream, to you  say, don't ever leave me. These gigantic wonder puffs cost us $11 each at Ross. I shredded the receipt so I could never take them back. Hallelujah! I could stay in bed all day.

Bedding set is from Macy's - gift from our wedding
...Until 7:25am on a weekday, anyway. which gives me 25 minutes to dress, put my dang face on, feed the pooch, and feed myself (hair stays the way the bed commanded it). Just thinking of the gloriousness of my comfort king makes my eyes a little sleepier and my head a little fuzzier.


Vandy said...

First: thanks for stopping by my blog!! :)

Second: How ya like Greenville? It's a beautiful city and has a lot of potential, so I hope its treating ya right! :)

Third: Love your blog too, and just became a follower. Lookin forward to your postings..considering you are in my hometown ;)

And fourth, if you were from Michigan...we could have just traded license plates and licenses, lol! Awesome girly.

Vandy said...

The wishing tree is awesome, we did something similar for wedding . Since it was a beach wedding in myrtle beach,we had sand dollars for guests to sign and they hung them on dogwood tree branches(they are all over SC). We aRe reusing them as ornaments :). Great idea love!:)