Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Well That Was Awkward

I have been putting off the inevitable trip to the DMV since I moved to Greenville. But today was the day... and procrastination-karma is a swift little devil.
Walking into the county clerk's office, to get my car registered in SC, I felt a scratching on my leg. Weird. I shrugged it off as my skin has been pretty dry these days. Another couple steps and *plop* a pair of black panties flew out of my right pantleg!! A woman walked by just as I was crouched down shoving them into my purse. Someone needs some static cling remover immediately.
From rogue and unregistered to official SC citizen

The entire two hours I was at the DMV all I could think about was the little something-something in my purse:

Was it wrapped around my wallet destined to fly into the face of the cashier who will deny me a plate and take a horrendous forever photo for my ID card? 

Had it already fallen to the floor for the old man with the oxygen tank to have a heart attack over? 

Was it somehow hidden inside my passport the lady was about to open up and then charge me with lewd behavior and harassment in front of the four teen moms and sixteen babies crawling on the dirty linoleum?
What my purse looked like when I flopped it on the table at home... peek-a-panty

I made it out alive and my Monique's Little Black Unmentionable remained tucked into my purse pocket until I got home and put them in my dresser where they belong. And my license photo is certainly not the worst I've taken, too.


The Presutti's said...

this story is so funny!!

Natalie said...

Dying. This is hilarious!