Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Mute Button (24 Weeks)

24 Weeks Baby!
I was talking to a very nice gentleman on the phone at work Friday about to sign his family up for a fun event we have planned for next Friday when I felt a sneeze building up. I asked if I could put him on hold for a moment.

As I pressed the Mute button, Waaaah-CHOO! It have have been my loudest sneeze in my life.

"God Bless You," came the voice on the other end of the phone.

Without hesitation, I exclaimed, "Crap! The Mute Button!" The man burst out laughing. My face was bright red, and I apologized about five times and told him how embarrassed I was. He said it was nice of me to offer to mute the phone, as he probably wouldn't have done that. I laughed my uncomfortable laugh and he continued laughing as I completed his registration.

Meanwhile my manager and co worker were cracking up.

Its the little things in life, right?

"This is How I Roll" tee gift from my mom from (Please ignore strange face and frizzed up hair)
In other news, Hubster and I are dragged the pooch to Atlanta this past weekend. We ditched the dog at our friend's house as we made our way out Saturday morning. There is a chili cookoff that I packed a Costco sized tub of Tums for. Thanks to this little lady for sharing the great idea of a great chili festival with us! People watching was out of control! (I actually have to go back to ATL to retrieve our camera before I can post photos as I didn't take any with my phone.)


Vandy said...

Awe you are so cute!! That's a funny story and it def is the little things!!;)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the 24 weeks mark! You look lovely!