Friday, January 6, 2012

Warning: I may be Abusive And/Or Offensive

Seriously, Facebook?! I would post links to my blog every now and then, per the request of a few friends and family members (why they don't just follow me, I don't know). As I prepared to post a link yesterday, I was quite a bit surprised at a pop up that read my blog has been flagged as "Abusive and/or Offensive."

Cue jaw drop. I try not to swear on my blog, though I may be thinking of some choice words in my head. I don't post raunchy photos, though I am sure there is nothing more titilating to see than a preggo gigante. I don't mention companies that did me wrong, aside from the post office.

The post office! Are they behind the facebook battle lines? I have exposed their injurious ways to plaid wrapped presents of Christmas Eves, must I now face the consequences of my calling them out?

Doubtful. In all likelihood, someone reported me as such because they didn't like seeing my posts on their newsfeed. I guess reporting my big bad blog was easier than unsubscribing or defriending me. Hhhmmph. Yesterday my feelings were hurt (I'm sensitive these days), but today I can just roll my eyes and be annoyed (I am also a tad moodswingy).

I leave you with the everlasting words of Gloria Gaynor.

"I Will Survive"

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