Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Arizonans Love it When It Rains

Ahhhh... the glorious monsoon is upon us! The great Copper State averages about 8" of rain a year. Truly, we live in dry, dry desert. When it rains, but especially when it pours, one can find many Phoenicians on patios gazing lovingly at the blessed wetness. Does it matter that our socks dampen and furniture flies around the yard? Heavens, no! When the rolling thunder makes it's initial roar and the first crack of lightning brightens the navy sky, floods of my fellow desert-dwellers emerge from the air conditioned living rooms.

My little spot in Chandler was drenched last night. I went for a run (that's right, friends, I am two weeks strong and slowly improving). While I was huffing and puffing my way through two and a half miles of sidewalk, Happy Husband continued the tradition of photographing each rare storm cloud. For the record, I made it home moments before the floodgates opened.


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