Friday, August 27, 2010

Hair Miracle

Behold! My new favorite shampoo/conditioner combo!

My hair, skin, and nails have become very dry and brittle (well maybe not my skin, but I bet if skin could be brittle, mine would find a way) over the past five years. Shiny, lustrous, healthy... are not words to describe my hair. I have tried many hair care products that promised me beauty, but delivered beast.

I envy women with styling talent. My style is a wash and go (wet and stringy). I am a low maintenance girl whose hair will find its way into an ouchless ponytail or bun at least three hours from waking. My latest foray into products left me miserable. My straight hair turned haggered and lifeless. If a baseball cap were acceptable sales office attire, it would never leave my head.

A lunch break of hair care product reviews later... I found what I had been waiting for! Argan Oil! Sally Beauty Supplies offers Proclaim Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner. I called the store down the street from my place of business, had the associate hold it for me, and purchased it ($13 total!).

Glorious! My hair finally feels soft and looks luminous. Love!

An adorable note: Happy Husband, to my great suprise, listened to me sulk over the possibility of shaving my head, picked up several product samples at a friend's salon to surprise me. He said he would love me bald if it came down to it, but prefers me happy with another arsenal of beauty supplies (even if they take over the entire bathroom vanity). He listens and he loves. I am truly blessed.

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