Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Run Like the Wind

I am making a (rather pathetic) attempt to become a runner. I have had dreams of running and getting the surge of endorphins, feeling the wind in my hair, and the freedom to just "go." Thinking of dreams as inspiration, I began a "running" on Sunday.

Instead of endorphins I got a surge of pain from shin splints and tummy cramps (apparently my 26 years of breathing have been done incorrectly, my bad. Instead of wind in my hair I got stanky dead-fish small in my face and possible heat stroke owing to the record breaking heat Chandler, AZ is experiencing (110 degrees at 8pm is a trifle warm, don't you think). And to make matters worse, I don't necessarily "go" anywhere, and certainly not fast. I am more of a walker than a runner.

I am powering through the pain and exhaustion and making my dream of being a tip-top runner (and trying not to burst my lungs in the process). I have put arch supports in my cheap trainers, stretched myself to a Gumby-likeness, and wore more than one sports bra and find myself improving. How long will this inspiration sustain itself? I have hopes that I will go the distance and carry on for as long as I can do it.

What keeps you motivated?

Listening to: "Wash U Clean" by Beth Thornley
Reading: "The Historian" by Elizabeth Kostova

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