Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Testing, Testing 1-2-3

25 Weeks and the belly is bulging. Happy Hubby and I are betting whether my turkey timer will pop. I think it might, he thinks there is no way since I have the worlds most innie belly button.

In other news, tomorrow morning I go to the doctors for the dreaded Blood Glucose Test. The is the only part of pregnancy I have heard ZERO positive things about. The nasty orange drink, the waiting around, the oh no oh crap I might have to come back for a three hour test anxiety, all are comments I have heard.

There are some many facets of pregnancy that I hear so many blends of love and loathe. This one little test is the only one that is universally found to be annoying. I giggle when I think that I might actually like the gluclose test since my sweet tooth has been ampliflied a thousand times just in the past week or so and I have a thing for orange soda and haven't had it in years. I may even ask for a to-go cup.

What do you think? Probably not?


Jessica said...

You will do great! Be sure to post how things go and how you like it so I can see what I have to look forward to when I get preggo! =)

~M~ said...

The glucose test isn't bad at all! I thought it tasted like syrup you would put on a snow cone.

Shirley said...

Tasted like flat orange soda to me . . . I didn't think it was that bad either.