Thursday, December 9, 2010

Not the best start to the day

7:15 am:
  • Attack of Morning Coffee down front of white cardigan; too far from home to drive back and change.
  • Must wear brown splotchy badge of defeat until return home at 6 pm
8:45 am:
  • Toner Explosion from ancient technology known as fax machine
  • Hands blackened, white cardigan unbelievably remained unscathed
10:00 am:
  • Cuticles sliced by toilet paper dispenser (seriously, the roll was waaaay too big for the plastic dispenser)
  • Developed mild paranoia will contract deadly tropical disease despite "antimicrobial" sticker
Currently is 12:00 pm. Hoping bad luck really does come in threes and I am done for the day. Ugh. I want to crawl under my desk and hide from my future.

***UPDATE: ***
12:30 pm:
  • Phone died (this may have been averted if I did not leave charger at home)
2:00 pm:
  • choked a bit on a Granny Smith Apple; feeling intimidated by equally raw and crunchy baby carrots
The stakes in this game of bad luck are getting a little high for me. As of 2:10 pm, have not found voodoo doll in office. Searching for alternative explanations to "Unfortunate Happenings" phenomena

Listening to: "Fleur de Saison" by Emilie Simon


Ashley Ralph said...

Can Shawn pick you up from work? It sounds safer.

brenda said...

No wonder I have not heard from you today! I hope you got home ok. Love you.