Thursday, December 16, 2010


Behold ladies and... well... ladies! I have discovered a miracle solvent to clean just about anything! Okay it is a powder that is not a solvent, but it certainly solved a cleaning dilemma we have faced.

Our fantastic kitchen knives cut cut about anything with the greatest of ease. I use them all (bread knife, paring knife, fish knife, santuku knife, slicing knife, chef's knife, etc) and Happy Husband uses the steak knives to cut it all. All of this chopping/slicing/dicing/mincing/julienne-ing has caused these beloved kitchen features to accumulate rust spots here and there (okay, I admit that the steak knives are fine and it is only the ones I use that have the blemishes).
The genius customer service-guy at Home Depot (if you have a cleaning problem thay are the dudes to talk to!) suggested Bar Keepers Friend to keep my gear spotless. Grab a rag - not a kitchen towel, like I did, dampen, then dust it with the powder. Scrub the knife for just a few moments, washing off after no more than a minute. Voila! My wedding present knives look as good as new!

But wait! There's more that this "Friend" will take care of for you! My glass cooktop (inherited from the previous owners of our home, who apparently burned food on the stove surface more than cooked food in a pot) has been cleaned to better-than-when-we-bought-the-house condition! Our everyday stainless steel flatware shines and sparkles! Hoping I can get my hands on Hubby's golf clubs to get them twinkling soon!

Go here for a coupon (it's 55 cents, but for such an inexpensive product, that discount creates a real bargain!)
If I didn't work myself into such a scrub-a-dub frenzy, I would have taken some before and after photos.


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Marissa said...

I have seen that stuff at the store! That is so funny how helpful HD guys are!