Sunday, December 5, 2010

Steam Comin' Out My Ears

Le Jour Vingt-Huit
Something that Stresses Me Out

Traffic! There are very few things that make me completely lose my cool, but traffic is far and away has its finger on my hair trigger. I drive with my windows up so my fellow commuters do not hear the incredible obscenities I spew. Yes, I am that crazy woman that waves her hands violently, gesturing (no I don't flip the bird) emphatically to the offenders.

The biggest problem is that I commute for over an hour EACH WAY to/from work. I spend a lot of my waking hours in my dirty, manual transmission, two-door car. Something's gotta give, and it most likely will not be all the wackadoos on the 60 or I-10.

Stress is my biggest problem. It eats me up and I have a very difficult time relaxing (as in I really do not know how).

Here is my shortlist of meltdown triggers:

1. Money (almost any talk about it creates a huge knot in my shoulders followed by complete tailspin)
2. Being late (me and Hubby being late really, really stresses me out, more-so than others being late)
3. Not finishing a project (it will be always top of mind, even in situations where it should be the last thing I am thinking about)
4. Arguing with Others (I am desperately trying to work on my assertiveness; Shawn would disagree ;) )

Listening to: "Sleepy Seven" by Bonobo

****I need to chill after all that stressful thinking***

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