Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Big Mistake

I am a curious sort of person. If I come across something of which I am unfamiliar, I like to look it up and learn a bit about it (this is why I am a highly sought after Trivial Pursuit partner and why I dominate at Jeopardy). It occurred to me that I have never seen a real live birth. The miraculous bringing of a life into the world! Oh joy of joys!

Husband is adorable in his blown-away-ed-ness with all things baby. He was reading through the packet of printouts provided by my ob. His shock and awe was cute (even though I feel like I may have already told him much of what he found so surprising). I wanted to learn something too. I wanted to be cute!

A moment later, I braved typed in "live birth" into You Tube. My life, my eyes will never be the same. Oh, I learned something alright. I learned to fear what will be happening in less than six months. A beautiful thing, they say. My throat is kinda hoarse from screaming. I am truly educated now, a terrified type of educated, but smarter and more informed nonetheless.

After all that scared me, the doctor held up the baby to the mother's chest. My heart warmed and the horror gave way to warm fuzzies. Good thing I have sometime to reconcile myself to this incredible incredible that anyone survives to do it again experience. Good thing my mood swings so easily these days, I would hate to live in fear of the little one inside.

Have you ever faced something that terrifies you, and won?

PS It was the afterbirth that did it to me.


HeatherC said...

I don't even remember the after birth part. Now the getting sown up part I won't ever forget!

Monique said...

I was already traumatized by the time that was shown. Nightmares for days! But at least we'll have a happy lil peanut when its all said and done.

Jennifer Kay said...

Thanks for stopping by from FTLOB today, I have been a follower of yours for a while! I'll tell you with child birth the less you know the better. The first time I went in, I had no clue what was about to happen (other than the obvious) and I was almost 30 years old. When they start asking you if you wanna see? Scream HELL NO and just do what you gotta do.

Ashley Ralph said...

Oh Monique.... I can't even imagine what you witnessed. I hope your eyes have recovered.