Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Epiphanies

New little segment  am going to try to do every Friday (to make sure I post each week, too). Hold me accountable, my people!

These are Five light bulb moments of the past week. The saying goes "you learn something new every day," while these ten things may not change my life, or even that particular day in any profound way, but they made me go "Ahhhh Ha!"

  1. Husband has fears that our baby will be covered in hair and resemble Sloth from The Goonies ("Hey You Guuuuuuys!"). He had a nightmare and couldn't relax for about an hour after waking up. Then my neuroses kicked in... oh geez! Please don't tell me our baby will look like a rabid monkey! Panic!!!
  2. Everything tastes better on a tortilla. Case in point- tortilla pizza (flour tortilla + Prego spaghetti sauce + shredded mozz + turkey pepperoni * cooked open-faced on a dry non-stick pan over medium heat for five minutes) is as lovely as it is easy.
  3. Baby Dog has body odor when left outside for more than three minutes. Eau de Pooch goes away quickly but Whew! that is one stinky pup!
  4. I may take Prenatal Vitamins for the rest of my life if my nails will stay this awesome. PS I should probably cut them since I am looking more and more like wolverine every day.
  5.  I need to make friends soon. Sounds so sad. Cue the violins, maestro! Staying in every night isn't as fun as I'd like to make you all believe and I need some girlfriends to commiserate with. Shawn and I are both running out of conversation. Last night, after a long time with a word exchanged, I said, "Boy, was it hot today"... the dreaded I-have-nothing-to-say-but-I-can't-stand-this-awful-boring-silence-any-longer-please-dear-lord-help-me-I-have-no-words phrase. Need to meet people who haven't heard all my stories a thousand times! Ugh! Having my best friend all to myself is pretty dang nice in the mean time, though.

Well there it is. What revelations have you made this week?

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