Monday, July 18, 2011

Wedded Bliss

We spent a wonder whirlwind weekend in Prescott, Arizona to celebrate one of my besties weddings. I have to say that I really needed a mega dose of seeing my friends. We can always pick right up where we left off. Laughter is non-stop; a must in any relationship I am part.
Kenda, Dusty, Hubster and me after the rain cleared up

The rehearsal on Friday was spectacular! The Andersons organized a Golf Scramble for their guests at the incredible Talking Rock Ranch. Just off to the side of the putting green sat an inconspicuous BLACKHAWK HELICOPTER! The chaplain flew up from Phoenix to run through the following day's oh so important ceremony. With a roaring blast he took off, blowing all of us standing nearby about five steps backward. Happy Hubby was like a little kid. The groom was proud (he is a Blackhawk Pilot) and the bride beaming. That night us bridesmaids and Miss Natalie stayed at a "cottage" on the golf course. She said it was rustic, but her Nana let the cat out of the bag. Freakin' Gorgeous!
The wedding party, pre-party

In the morning we primped and relaxed for the night's festivities. Natalie looked gorgeous (even more glowing than her usual loveliness). A sweet perk was that I got to see my stylist from AZ! Sabrina! I truly miss her (and her considerable talents). Her talent for updos keeps getting better as evidenced by the masterpieces on the ladies' heads.
Christy helping her only daughter prepare for her Big Day
Theres a little 13 week bun in that oven

The wedding was beautiful. The photographer also did not capture for posterity my foot sliding out of my shoe as I took my spot at the altar. I was thanking the Lord for giving me some kind of balance and not letting me fall flat on my face (Nat had a nightmare that I passed out and couldn't walk down the aisle). I can see why Tyler had Chaplain Walgren officiate, he was wonderful, toughing and funny. The reception was a blast. Great music and dancing, the food was great (so, I heard. I got sick just as dinner was set in front of me. Super bummer.). Best of all, it was the happiest I have seen my friend.
The Blessed Couple

I wish you a lifetime of happiness, Nat and Tyler!

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Ashley said...

i love weddings! she looks gorgeous! :)