Thursday, July 14, 2011

How Now, Girl-Who-Feels-Like-Cow?

It was brought to may attention this past weekend that I have severely been neglecting this blog-diggity-dog. My sincerest apologies. Also, I offer my advance apologies for the next six months as I start defining my life in WEEKS, rather than months, days, years, whatever measure of time normal, non-preggos use. It will probably get old, but hey I'm excited for the little bun in the oven.

Let me tell you about the anxiety of job searching while pregnant... it makes me anxious. Told ya. If they see my chub will they think I'm preggo and not want to take the risk of me leaving after hire or will they see the chunky and then immediately see that my waistband on my work pants may or may not be buttoned (I rigged up a rubber band contraption to keep my moon in check). Being too big for mt regular clothes and small (thank the lawd I am too small for something!) for maternity pants.


The sudden onset of nausea in my 11th week of being in the family way (tee hee hee) didn't help matters either. I kept thinking as I would position myself as close as possible to the nearest restroom, "If I squeeze through the giant man and the three inches between the chair behind him and then clothesline his grandma, I might be able to barf in the bathroom instead of on my own chest." On Hubster's Special Day of Getting One Year Older (aka his 30th Birthday), I flew through a German restaurant faster than a bowling ball hurtling through a vacuum tube, and made it le toilet before Mt. Saint Mo's mushroom appetizer made an encore appearance... twice. Don't worry friends, I regained my appetite the following Tuesday (as this was Thursday, over a wedding weekend, I was somewhat okay with that).


I discovered that chicken, yes that incredible, edible bird that I cook five days a week officially gives me the creeps. I just got a shiver up my spine. Blech! A few weeks (there I go again) ago I realized that I haven't eaten my feathered friend in a while...hmmm... odd. I made hot wings for dinner with my other love, Frank's Original Red Hot Sauce, and could barely choke it down...strange. BBQ chicken breasts with corn on he cob... I only ate the corn... bewildering. Then I noticed that I eat massive quanities of ground beef. Chili, burgers, meatloaf, stroganoff, salisbury steaks, tacos, burritos, nachos (really like Mexican food, okay). I have replaced bird with cow. Who am I?!


One of my besties got married!!! The wedding was incredible! Natalie looked especially gorgeous and Tyler so handsome. (I felt like the aforementioned cow, but managed to have a great time before and after getting sick in the country club's restroom during the dinner that received rave reviews). God provided a light show in the form of far-off lightning storm, too. More on this beautiful occasion to come in another post, promise!


Oh yeah, while at the rehearsal I received my job offer at The Children's Museum of the Upstate. Blessed Be! I am once again gainfully employed! I started Tuesday (the day after we got back to Greenville). I looooove watching the children get excited to enter the museum. The jump up and down and tug on the mother's shirt hems and say, "please, please, please" when their eyes see the kaleidoscope climber. This is a great step in the right direction for me and my growing family.
So there it is. The last few weeks of my life. Weeks weeks weeks. Finally things worth blogging about :)


Shirley said...

They have these bella band things you can wear in the in-between phase. It's like a tube top for your torso/belly. Also, I wouldn't be surprised if most people were oblivious to the belly at this point.

~M~ said...

I was obsessed with Frank's! I had a jumbo sized bottle of it from Costco. I cannot stand it now and I had to throw the whole thing away because just looking at it made my stomach turn!

I tried the belly band and hated it! I'm in love with maternity pants. They are the most comfortable thing ever!