Monday, July 25, 2011

Second State Radio Update

One of the trickier parts of moving across the country is discovery new radio stations you can get into. Hubby and I have experienced this challenge. Living in a giant metropolis like PHX, one doesn't think of a lack of media ever being a concern. As a Journalism and Mass Comm. degree holder, I dearly miss all of my options. On Thursday, as I navigated the one way streets of Greenville, SC, a familiar tune pricked my ears. No it wasn't the delightful Adele song the DJs play every morning at 8am (or the Britney Spears or Nikki Minaj ones they have in strong rotation either).

Hawk and Tom Show

It has been a loooong time since I ave heard this segment, but it is definitely the same Second Date Update segment as JohnJay and Rich in Phoenix! Even the music bed is the same. I couldn't believe my ears. Of course the callers are different, but it is nice to have a piece of my former home here.

JohnJay and Rich

I do have to say that these Southern citizens are a might bit less sleazy then our Southwestern counterpart.

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