Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Epiphanies

Another week has come and gone. These are some of my ah-ha! moments.

  1. My eeeeew moment (actually more like an eeeeew 24 hours) I learned that I must wash my hairat least very other day. I tried to see if I could improve the condition of this unruly bale of hay atop my dome by washing it every three days. A gorgeous blogger I follow washes hers that often and hers is hair to be envied. On day three, I resembled Professor Snape in a downpour. Not a good look for me.
  2. I can mow a dang lawn! I can survive mowing a quarter acre lawn in 100 degree heat with over 60% humidity! I wear the bruises on my palms (from pushing the mower up and down a hill) with pride.
  3. I learned Money Can't Buy You Class... Elegance is Leeeaarned , my friends. It may not be a good song, but it can really stick in my head.
  4.  The phrase, "I'm wide open," when in the south means you are crazy busy and your schedule is packed. It doesn't make much sense to me, when you aren't busy are you supposed to say, "I'm shut tight"?
  5. I am a proponent of leashing a child. When five children (and waaay too many adults, actually) walked through the clearly marked emergency exits in one day, it cemented my feelings. That doesn't even cover the "lost mommy" searches we do, too. And come on, they make little child leashes that look like monkeys and puppies! 

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brenda said...

Monique you are so cute! I love your posts.