Friday, January 7, 2011

Bad Wife

I poisoned my husband!

Food Poisoning is a rotten, dirty trick, especially when it is one's love-of-one's-life who does it to you (however unintentional). I made a rather tasty jambalaya on Tuesday night. We ate heartily but left enough for leftovers on Wednesday night. Something that tasty absorbs even more tastiness when you wait overnight between eatings. I never thought is that my Cajun Creation would also absorb some cursed, evil bacteria while sealed in my refrigerator. My guess is that we ate some undercooked andouille (pork) sausage or some type of freak contamination occurred.

I am totally off all pork products for a long time (my tummy rumbles as I think about it). And I am disinfecting my kitchen. And I am sterilizing my fridge. And I am charring all of my meat products for the next several weeks.

So if you see me wearing a haz-mat suit flipping a flaming burger you will understand, if not sympathize.

**I would offer the recipe, but I can't imagine too many of you dying to have it after this post. Trust me when I say it is awesome tasting, it was!**


Megan said...

Awww, I hope ya'll feel better!

That last little sentence made me laugh!

Connie said...

haha! (well, I'm laughing at the last line) NOT that you got sick! :p I got food poisoning from a Taco Bell once and never went back till I was in college and a cute boy peer pressured me into it. Yeah we called it Taco Hell from then on out because lets face it- food poisoning is just that. Hope you are feeling better!