Thursday, January 20, 2011

My DIY Nuptials

I have been meaning for some time now to write out how I created some of my favorite features of my wedding. Below is a set of how-tos for my centerpieces (which have since been re-purposed in my bathroom and sold to a blushing bride in Maricopa, AZ).

Materials Required:
  • Cylinder base - I used glass
  • Manzanita branches (go to for the best prices and highest quality, if you don't have the trees in your area)
  • Rocks from the neighborhood (DIY - translates to get as much as you can as cheaply as possible)
  • Spray-Foam Insulation (whichever is the least expensive)
  • Satin ribbon
  • Double sided tape (a truly miraculous invention)
  • Sheet Moss
  • Beaded Curtain
  • Silk Flowers (again has incredible quality)
  • Hot glue gun many little glue sticks
  • Scissors
  • A knife for when you realize you put too much insulation in the base and you need to slice some off the top
  • Time and patience!!!
How to bring this to life:

  1. Measure and cut ribbon into strips  to fit around cylinder (hem one end so has nice neat edge). Attach to cylinder using double-sided tape. 
Use rocks in the base, not all foam like I did   
2. Using the cylinder as a guide, measure and cut a circle from the sheet moss so fits snugly at opening.
3. Fill cylinder halfway with rocks. Position a branch in the center, adding rocks around base of branch to anchor it.
I used gravel to smooth out the top, but it was messy during transport
4. Fill to about two-thirds full with spray insulation. WARNING!! This stuff GROOOOOWS.
5. Prop up so stays in place overnight (I used miscellaneous chair legs, bookshelves, cardboard boxes, prevent tumbling over and drying kinda wonky)
6. Cut a slit into moss circle, then slide around branch base. Close up sides of slits using pins (I used hair pins).

Moss brings a bright pop of color
7. Decorate your lovely branch with silk flowers. I glued them back-to-back to all eyes at the table get a pretty view. The little bulbous things were on the orchid stems, and I like to use everything... waste not, want not. Hot glue like crazy!
Orchids are my favorite flower
8. Cut beaded curtain strands to desired length.
9. Drape long strands of beads over branch.

Listening to: "I Feel It All" by Feist


    Hi! I'm LiLi! said...

    cool. thanks for sharing.

    Megan said...

    These are awesome!! You're so creative!