Monday, January 3, 2011

Its still a happy new year

3 Days into Eleven...
1. Have not had a diet coke, or any soda for that matter. May have replaced one bubbly addiction for another more Crystal Light-y one. (must work on overall obsessive tendencies)
2. Have decided that cleaning up my potty language should be more of a priority (one should not have to apologize to one's self mid-swear tirade in crowded parking lot in car ... alone)
3. Ate a banana today so will be tall and skinny like said banana (so far just looking white and goofy - and kind of squishy actually) like banana. I find role models in interesting places, no?
4. When I thought I broke my foot (again) on NYE, I cursed that oh-Ten year. When I rolled my ankle this morning I said, "Thank goodness I didn't break my face." This is taking a positive stab and being more positive and less whiny. I'll take what little successes I can get in this road of personality change.
5.  Applauded my nearly halfway mark in the 500 page "Inside the Victorian Home," until I realized that reading how the mantra "cleanliness, is next to godliness" became so popular during that era while I sat next to a pile of laundry three feet high (yes, I, too wish I was kidding).
6. Brought "Ethnic Cuisine" into Sprouts Farmers Market, but did not buy any of the delicious and exotic ingredients (Happy Hubby said no to lemongrass and vermicelli rice noodles, but yes to sweet potato and bacon. He is most certainly a meat and potato man).

Have adapted a word-of-the-day game to play with Hubbs (though I think I am the only one playing). Today the word is "pandiculation" meaning: yawning and stretching. "{Coworker} must have had a rough night judging by all the pandiculation going on over there."  tee hee hee

Listening to: "You Have Me" by Gungor

***Really really loving this book, by the way. I am fascinated by how people lived before the invention of modern necessities like toothpaste and toilets.

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