Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Be Kind to Your Solicitor

Helloooo? Hellooo? Can you hear me?!
Especially since it may be me! If you, or someone you know, is recently engaged, I may have your phone number... and I may be calling. That's right, my lovelies, your friendly neighborhood wedding planner is cold calling asking (just barely with enough dignity to not be begging) you to hold you wedding at Arizona Science Center. In the past week, I have called 148 of you lucky ladies, 3 of you were sad that you weren't really engaged, 1 of you was so old you couldn't hear me correctly, and another said you didn't appreciate me even saying your name and that I should never pick up another phone for the rest of my life *click*. Que Sera Sera!

I have taken on my role of Facility Sales Manager with gusto, selling, planning, coordinating events for as many hours as there are in a day.. and trying my darndest to smile all the way through (when I dropped that prop on my foot, for the second time, that smile may or may not have faded for a moment). You come to me for smiles of your own, and I love to know that I helped put it there.

Next week... Prom season begins! Teenagers scare me so this should be interesting.

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