Wednesday, March 23, 2011

How do you say "Interview" in Southern?

Hubby finally has an interview. A phone interview. A phone interview in South Carolina. One million miles away. I have been wanting to move back east for YEARS! The timing is just a little off. I love my little house in Chandler, AZ. I really like my job in Downtown Phoenix. I adore my friends here. I also like adventure and trying new things. I really like grass and green trees and the sweet smell after it rains. I'll miss the extra-fast paced life I live here (not to mention fast driving and faster talking and walking), but I can take it down a notch, and be very happy doing so.

Do you think I can transform myself into a Charming Southern Wife?

Cross you fingers that he gets a job soon!

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Phanzo said...

I think you should negotiate and only move HALFWAY across the country. Somewhere like....hmmm...I don't know, Coppell Texas? We'll settle for Dallas in general but if you could be near Coppell so that we dont have to drive too far for Happy Hour, that would be GREAT!! KThxBye.