Wednesday, March 2, 2011

When one door closes...

Open door number two!

Oh the delightful stresses of life. We all have the day-week-month-quarter when we aren't being the most positive person we can be. We all experience those times when we feel like things could just be a little better. I am guilty as charged. Like, dead woman walking guilty. My name is Mo, and I have been a serious downer.

Then something happens to make you wake up and realize you are being your own worst enemy. Your eyes open, the fog clears, and the cobwebs are wiped from your mind.I realized a week (plus) ago that I needed a real change in my life. Okay, I admit that I have known this for probably a year, but I just recently became ready to act on the inclination to JUST DO SOMETHING!

I applied for a job, had two interviews, and got the nervous-excited-antsy-glee of anticipation when they started calling my references and then bang...

My husband joined the ranks of the laid-off.

I cried. I updated my resume. I cried some more. I told my boss I HAD to find new new job. Mine alone couldn't pay for our mortgage let alone bills, student loans, cell phones, internet access... LIFE! We are not buying groceries for as long as possible. I will re-start my dining calendar (saves on groceries because I use everything up when I plan ahead). Movies are a no-go. Trips are a no-go. Anything involves the burning of money, a.k.a. gas is a no-go. Limiting use of electricity and especially the heater and air conditioning. Solely the use of blankets, flannel and candlelight in our house! (That is the restrictions I am trying to impose, anyway) We've called the satellite company and reduced our package (they gave us a great discount - Thank you for understanding, DirectTV). We've called the credit card companies (they don't really care at all, actually. Jerks!).

The next day, I was offered the job. I happily accepted.

A new start for me, and soon Happy Husband will be employed again and it will be a new start for him. I will shake off the doldrums and make the most of our time together. I will cast my fears aside. I will push my "practical" and "realistic" side away. It does more harm than good. I will smile and remain positive and cheerful (he needs to see it, if he doesn't feel it himself). I will help him in any way that I can (yes, I will reread your resume. yes, let's take another look at that job board. yes, I will go anywhere with you that we need to go. yes, you are still my knight in shining armor. yes, I love you so much I could explode in a shower of hearts and sunshine. yes, you don't ask for affirmations, but I love to give them to you anyhow).

It has been rough, but smooth roads lie just ahead. While I cannot see it, I can feel the sun lifting over the horizon. Hope is in reach and I am grasping for it with both hands.


Billy and Marissa said...

Hang in there! Billy was laid off a few weeks after our wedding so I know what it is like! He found work shortly after, but it taught us so much about being frugal!

Shirley said...

Bummer! Is your new job similar to your old one or are you switching careers?

Monique said...

I am switching careers, somewhat. During my senior year of college, I worked in Reservations at a very high profile resort in Scottsdale. I decided way back then that I wanted to be in hospitality sales. After working in advertising sales for the past three years, I am going back! I'll be selling event space and then planning the events too.

Jessica said...

Sorry to hear that news...hope all goes well!!

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Have a very blessed Thursday!! :0)

Vic said...

you are certainly right that LIFE is tough! it breaks my heart and to the point where i feel so much like you most days:) it's never an easy thing to go through and your attitude and eagerness to fight through it all, is beautiful! we still have each other and God is good! just having faith that he will guide us is my everyday hope and light! glad to have found you!:) adding you to the daily indulgences! thanks for stopping by yesterday-