Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hey, hey.. Hey Ladies!

Happy International Women's Day! March 8th has held the beautiful distinction for the last 100 years as being a day to celebrate the empowerment of women (their political, social, and economic achievements). Yes, years before we could vote, women fought for their rights to have their collective voice heard.Without women where would we be? Well, probably not born, but you know what I mean.

A run down of notable women:
Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell: first female physician in the United States (1849)
Ida Wells: founder of the NAACP
Marie Curie: invented radium and furthered x-ray technolgy
Clara Barton: founded the American Red Cross
Bette Nesmith Graham: invented White-Out
Harriet Tubman: famous for her involvement in the Underground Railroad
Stephanie Kwolek: invented Kevlar, keeping our men and women in uniform bulletproof
Eleanor Roosevelt: American diplomat, writer, social reformer, First Lady, and a personal hero of mine
Rachel Fuller Brown and Elizabeth Lee Hazen: invented Nystatin, the first antifungal antibiotic
Margaret Colvin: invented the washing machine (as much as I dislike doing laundry, without one I'd be lost)
Sacajawea: the Shoshone guide who led the Lewis and Clark expedition of 1804
Anna Connelly: invented the fire escape
Molly Pitcher (aka Mary Hayes): carried pails of water on the battlefield during Battle of Monmouth
Susan B. Anthony: a feminist who spent more than 50 years fighting for women's rights.
Jane Adams: founder of Hull House, a social welfare center, in Chicago
Patricia Roberts Harris: the first African American woman named to a presidential cabinet
Amelia Earhart: first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean
Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan: student who overcame tremendous handicaps and her extraordinary teacher
Frances Perkins: First woman member of the presidential Cabinet (Secretary of Labor)
Lillian M. Gilbreth: Engineering pioneer worked to increase the efficiency of workers
Belva Ann Lockwood: first female candidate for President (1884), member of Equal Rights Party  

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Girl Power!:-) Fun post! Very interesting to see some life-changing ladies. xoxo