Friday, March 11, 2011

Holy Cow! It Could Be, It might Be, Its a Home Run!

The Cubs: They are the Wind Beneath our Wings

Hubster and I spent our gorgeous Saturday afternoon (because I know all you who don't live in sunny climes love it when I do this... it was a breezy, sunny, 79 degrees) at a Chicago Cubs Spring Training game. Happy Hubby is especially happy because I have never seen our beloved Cubbies lose. Ever. Saturday was no exception. Sorry Padres.We took our little blanket and parked it in the lawn seats at Hohokam Stadium in Mesa and soaked up the sun with a little of America's favorite past time. We proudly sported our jerseys (even though his player has been traded) as we lounged. My transparent skin is a nice opaque shad of lobster and my nose has a distinctive sunglass-tan mark, but I was happy getting it.

After the game, we a really awful etouffe I made in the crock pot. Hubby specifically asked that I never make it again.We can't all bat a thousand in the kitchen.

By four o'clock the sun may have been making its way to the other horizon, but our night was just getting started. We hopped into our not-used-enough hot tub for a nice muscle relaxing session. We just didn't plan on staying in until nearly eleven! You cannot imagine the wrinkles covering my body. I may have had as many as a shar-pei. My girlfriends Gina and Kenda stopped by after the sun went down to soak up some subs with us. I hopped out for about five minutes to concoct a boxed wine sangria. Recipe: peel three and slice oranges, dropping segments into prettiest glass pitcher. Unplug Franzia Sangria spout filling pitcher 3/4 full then add in one can diet Sierra Mist. Retreat back to hot tub with iced glasses for girlfriends and a rocks glass of Canadian whiskey for hubby. Finally, relax. Ahhhhhhh.

A couple of glasses and a good-bye later, I was off to bed. I just can't hang like I used to. Grandma Mo-Mo needs her sleep, y'all!

We followed that soggy Saturday with a lazy Sunday filled with lots of tv movies.

It was one of those cast your worries aside weekends.Very necessary.

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