Friday, March 4, 2011

TGIF, Ladies... and well, Ladies!

It is that magical time of the week, the day we have all been waiting for... Friday!

The hubby is anxiously awaiting my return from the rat race to our (hopefully) immaculate home in the suburbs. He's had his first call back from a potential job to potentially schedule a potential interview. Hooray! By the power of positive thinking, things have taken a more delightful turn. So the firm may be located in South Carolina, so I'll be starting a new job in downtown Phoenix in just over a week, so the commute might be a little rough. Things work out the way we need them to be, whether or not we want them to go that way. 

Que sera sera.

Doris Day had it right. This weekend we are putting worry on hold and having a lovely time. I plan on baking something scrumptious, seeing a Cubs Spring Training game (we've had the tix for a while), cooking a delicious dollar dinner for a girlfriend and myself, then maybe a Sunday picnic or hiking or some other gorgeous weather related activity.

Bonsoir, mes amis!

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~M~ said...

I hope his interview goes well!!