Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Morning Veg

I have decided to eat up all the lettuce in my lil garden-built-out-of-love. Made a delicious salad last night. Happy with its crisp flavorfulness, I plucked another chunk from the earth. I gently tossed it into the sink after ripping off the dirt-clod root. Rinsing the leaves with running water, smelling the earthy smell, handling the big ol' caterpillar... the WHAT?!

I screamed! I mean, it was squirming around all one inch of him. Bleeghghh! I shot it with the detachable faucet washing it down the drain with my fears. Immediately, I felt bad for the poor little guy. Maybe I wasn't awake enough to be picking vegetables at 7am? Maybe that should be a night prep for the next day's lunch? Maybe waking my temporary roommate up with a blood curdling scream wasn't the nicest either.Sorry Kenda :)

I made her a breakfast berry smoothie to make up for it. I buy my way out of freaking people out by providing them with food. Getting some Vitamin C in during the AM doesn't hurt me either ;)

Lettuce in the back, carrots in the front and cucumbers on the side YUM!
 P.S. Wrote this two weeks ago, but for some reason never published. Slacker!

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