Saturday, June 25, 2011

Super Nose

Is it a gift? Is it a curse? At this moment, it is a bit of the latter. This super nose of mine is picking up all of the stinky things in a mile radius of my home. It is amplifying the blech of foods, my dog, repair and installation men, phantom lingering odors on random sidewalks, cigarette smoke from the car next to me at the stoplight, the korma (think curry, a lot of it) I made yesterday, and of course the smelly garbage in the next room.

All those eeeeeewww moments aside, I can truly enjoy the smell of my hubby coming home (my lord his cologne is simply amazing!), the scent of Remy's oatmeal puppy shampoo and conditioner (but not his stanky breath), my dryer sheets are intoxicating, and pear candles are divine.

I am PREGONATOR! Able to smell a truck stop restroom from the highway, cry at the start of a commercial, break out into teenage acne with the blink of an eye, pee, pee, and pee, and bloat like nobody's business. Pregnancy hasn't been exactly a beautiful thing s far, but is has MOST DEFINITELY been a  joyous thing.

I just hope this nose quits before the diapers arrive.


~M~ said...

Ha ha!! Have you been to Target yet? The whole place smells like the candle section. If you chew a piece of gum while changing a diaper the stink is less noticeable!

Shirley said...

I felt like I had worse acne while pregnant than in high school. Heh. Hopefully you don't have bad morning sickness.