Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Pup in the City

This is Remy, bored and waiting for action. The only excitement he had so far during the move was being allowed to sleep on the beds in hotels (no laundry for me!).

Remy explored the Falls and Reedy River banks. Such a happy boy! and Daddy, too!

We made it to the Bark Park and Remy actually attempted to socialize with the other dogs, which he normally doesn't do. He's more chicken than dog sometimes.

After two and a half hours of "hiking" and playing, he passed right out.
 What a wonderful first weekend in Greenville. My Little Remy had so much fun and we had a blast with him. This time next year we'll be pushing a stroller and walking the dog on that same paved trail
by the River. Puttin' down some roots!

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