Thursday, June 23, 2011

 Restaurant Love! Smoke on the Water in Downtown Greenville's West End is super delish! We sat on the patio just as a crazy storm was blowing through. It was hot and sticky weather for some hot and sticky barbecue. Yum-o!
Spicy Crab Dip (as you can see we helped ourselves before taking a photo)

Shawn's Choice of A WHOLE FRICKIN' CHICKEN with baked beans and onion rings
My very own tasty burger (all I wanted was brisket but I can't have smoked foods yet since the life I am growing inside needs thoroughly cooked meats) with holy-calories-that-was-good squash casserole.
After starting off the meal with a Sweet Tea for me and a hefeweisen for Happy Hubby and a brick of cornbread, we were in heaven slathered in homemade BBQ sauce. PS their Carolina Gold sauce is awe-some. It is a tangy yet sweet mustard based sauce I could put anything (and might just do that).

Off to visit more local houses of tastiness!

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Ashley said...

Mmmm everything looks so yummy! i love sweet tea too! :)