Friday, June 10, 2011 embryo

I just had my first pre-natal doctor appointment. And I nailed my due date! 
I should have placed a bet with the ultrasound technician; 
she really didn't believe that I would get my date correct, she said the majority of people don't.

January 15th it is!

Hearing our "Little Bean's" heartbeat 
sent me into my crazy person nervous-excited-giggles
(which I also did during my entire wedding ceremony)
that I do when I try not to cry.

Speaking of crying... I do a lot of that lately.
I also feel like I could eat an entire grocery store.
And I could hibernate for the entire summer.

Today the Bean is 8 weeks and 5 days.


Shirley said...

Congrats! Very exciting event for you guys . . . Is it the first grandchild?

~M~ said...


Monique said...

Yes, this will be the first grandchild for both sets of parents. The grandparents are beside themselves with smiles :)