Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Skipping Mommy and Going Straight to Granny

Hubster and I made our monthly trip to that mega warehouse store of the bulk item gods, Costco, over the weekend. The items in our cart were not our usual list; we went a li'l crazier than our usual six pounds of cheese and mountain of ground beef. We bought eight pounds of chicken tenderloin, a jug of pesto, forty-eight bagel bites, a giant box of frozen waffles. Shawn got four pairs of Grandpa socks which go all the way up to his knees (he is 6'2" so these babies are high!) and I got what I thought were a package of cute bikinis briefs. Bahhhhhahahahahahaha these li'l puppies are gigantic. I caught a look at my outfit as I was leaving for work in the morning an noticed the nearly two inches of green and pink stripes above my waist band of my medium rise work pants.

You cant write this kind of sexy. 

I even had Shawn pick out the colors. This is how I keep our relationship spicy. I was going to buy my usual black-beige-white solid color scheme and honey said, "no, get the pink ones." "Live a little, right?" I asked him, neither of us knowing just what lay in store inside that deceptive little package.

We're a hot little pair in grandpa socks and grannie panties.My booty may look as large as the warehouse store itself, but you better believe I rock those undies like I'm walking a catwalk.


kristiwalsh said...

This was so funny! I also bought a 6 pack of grannys at Costco while preggers. It is what it is...rock 'em girl!

Lindsey said...

oh my gosh that is hilarious!!!!!! hhahahaha so great!! I'm not even pregnant and I don't know how to bring the sexy. I live alone so I dress like a complete slob, boobs hanging out all over the place with no support. It's not pretty.