Friday, April 22, 2011

2 Attractions in 1 Day

Why is it that we tend to take the places we live for granted until the times comes when you must leave it? Oh, you don't? That's just us? Let me tell you that cramming in to very big and very lovely attractions in four hours is tough and I really don't recommend it for the most fulfilling of experiences.

Happy Hubby and I spent last Sunday at the Desert Botanical Gardens followed by the Phoenix Zoo. It was certainly in the 90s and I certainly got a sunburn (my face, neck and chest are three very different colors and my freckles are out in full force). Hubby has lived in AZ for 8+ years now and had been to neither place.

Leg Envy

A roomy one-bedroom studio apartment


Bringing heat to the desert

Slippery lil otter
Le Lagoon en Feeenicks

Flamingos... my favorite bird


christine donee said...

that looks amazing. despite the heat. which I am in no way envious of. but I do love giraffes. and their blue tongues.

Megan said...

Such cute pictures!! I feel like my husband and I should explore our town more, too!

Alexa Mae said...

So fun!! I miss the zoo but now it is too hot to even consider. You guys are darling!