Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Note: Must learn to say "Reckon"

The paperwork is signed and faxed. Happy Hubby and I are moving to Greenville, South Carolina. So long stifling hot summers! Hubster and I are flying out to search for an apartment on April 20th. I return to the desert. His first day of work will be the 25th. I will work my current job for a month while he gets acclimated to Southern Living.  Then after a bachelorette-beach-extravaganza Memorial Day weekend, Hubby and I will finally go on our epic road trip (so what if we can't road trip up PCH- Pacific Coast Highway, driving across country in a two-seater car will be fun even if we can't stop at Vineyards). Along for the ride will be Remy, our poochy-poo, and Buddy, our little turtle who must endure a few days in a tiny plastic box with an inch of water.

What about my little house? Do you know anyone who wants to rent an adorable three-bedroom house in Chandler/Gilbert? Send 'em my way!

What about a newer-new job in the same state as my hubby, you ask? Eh, I'll find one... hopefully.

I'm stoked about this new adventure ahead of us. If anyone is ever in the Blue Ridge Mountains-area, stop by and I'll pour you some Sweet Tea.


~M~ said...

how exciting!!

Anonymous said...

I love sweet tea! We will drive out to greenville with our pooch and they can play!
Ali & Chad