Thursday, April 21, 2011

You Got a Funny Accent

Overly simplistic title, I know. Hubby and I have enjoyed our first night/day in Greenville, SC. Here are a couple snippets of our adventure so far:

  • Wednesday Night: Explore Downtown Greenville! Main Street (OMG! Just saying "Main Street" is so quaint, I can't get enough) is tree-lined and beautiful. Brick Mom and Pop shops and independent restaurants dot the courtyards, bistro tables greet cheery customers in front of open and welcoming doors. We grabbed a pint of Kurli Blonde Pale Ale and a honey stout at Blue Ridge Brewing Company after our long flight from Phoenix (by way of Houston). Once the sandwiches settled in our tummies, we walked the banks of the Reedy River. Falls Park at the Reedy River is so pretty, so tranquil. I never would have thought that right in the middle of ANY downtown area that a place so nice could even exist. Across the river is a Hampton Suites, which is definitely the chicest one I have ever seen. We made our way back toward our car after walking by the Westin Poinsett. I was in awe of the sweeping architecture. I was also in awe of the bat-poo-crazy thunderstorm last night. We might not be in AZ anymore, but I didn't think we were in store for a KS tornado!
  • Today, Thursday: we sweet talked the GPS into not getting us terribly lost. Both Hubster and I were not feeling our prettiest. We hopped into the nearest discount hair salon for a couple cheap and easy trims. Tee-hee is all I have to say about that. We intended on visiting apartment complexes in search of our new home. We walked the grounds of a very pretty one, but something struck me about not wanting to live in an apartment anymore. We have house in Chandler, AZ (please, please someone rent it quickly!) which means a house full of furniture and life. I just can't justify spending money on a storage facility while renting a lil two bedroom place. We then searched (oh, you sneaky fritzy-internet and your troublesome ways!) for a realtor that could help us find a rental house. We met one, who pretty much just pushed us out the door so she could start her weekend early. I know it is Easter weekend, but we could be HOMELESS, I thought to my selfish-self. She was lovely enough to let us know that it will be extremely difficult to find a rental in which we can not only house our pup, but one with a washer/dryer. Ugh! As much as I hate laundry, I really don't want to buy a washer/dryer, or worse, truck my delicates to a sure-to-be public laundromat. 
  • Thursday Evening: After that pointlessness that was our afternoon, we had dinner at John Paul's Armadillo Oil Company -a steak and rib house- with Hubby's new boss and coworkers. s soon as we saddled up to the bar, and ordered our drinks we got wham-o'ed with the accent. No, not that gorgeous southern drawl I have been practicing for weeks now. Hubs ordered a Miller Lite and got served with "Where you from? You got a funny accent." I almost fell over. He told her from Phoenix and she responded "I could tell you're not from here with that funny accent" The irony!!!
Update y'all tomorrow. g'night!

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