Saturday, April 16, 2011

In honor of having to coordinate another High School Prom tonight, I give you the ugliest Prom dresses (that I found on the internet) of 2011:

I feel like they have it on backwards, but thank you for covering your navels.

There are no words.

I received something like this at my bachelorette party

Could have used the extra fabric for the train in the front

She's on the prrrrrrrowl tonight
Looking for the limelight, well you can't miss them... wowza
A little fact you may not have known about lil ol' me: I worked at a store that sold prom dresses when I was in high school. All the scratches my arms got from putting back sequin, bedazzeled, beaded, sparkling confectionery gowns have scarred my mind so much that when I picked my wedding dress, I specifically stayed away from a lot of sparkle (but chose on that had a little beading just under the bust far away from my forearms). Have a happy prom, class of 2011!

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