Saturday, April 9, 2011

Put on your Dancing Shoes!

Pretty in Pink - whatever happened to white dinner jackets; they're so classy and debonair

Its Prom season, y'all! (see, I'm practicing before the big move) This means ridiculously oversized hair, skirts either up to here or necklines down to whoa! I will be scouring the corners and stairwells of Arizona Science Center keeping my eyes out on your creeping teenagers with your underage flasks and raging hormones. Behave tonight, kids! (Anything you do right now can really mess up graduation, and really put a damper on my enthusiastic prom-lovin'.)

I have five Proms over the next six weeks (and the week I don't have one I will be in Greenville, home-hunting). However painful this may be for me, the pain only lasts until my next Hubby-foot massage. You pain will last forever when you look bak in ten years and think to yourself, "Who let me wear that?!"

For the record, I looked like a peach colored Vegas showgirl. No one is immune. Have so much fun and make tonight one of the best nights of your young lives! Dances are really hard to come by when you get older, and so are meals that faculty pay for!

PS, is it weird that a 27-year-old woman is excited to hear Prom King and Queen announcements?

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Shirley said...

Prom season indeed! MP's prom is tonight. My brother is getting ready to go.